November 16, 2016


Regalia Thyatira,born as Lynda Day, is a member of the Sacred Asylum, a team of U.S.-based hyper-beings who all believe they are future versions of biblical figures. Like her cohorts – Slingshot, Jawbone, Exodus Red, field leader Devorah Chance, and supremely powerful counselor, Messiah – Regalia has little reason not to believe she isn’t a reincarnation of an Old Testament figure, despite what much of the rest of the world suggests. After all, she has vivid memories of her life as Queen Esther of Persia. However, unlike the rest of her teammates, her hyper-abilities stem not from a mutation or a hyper-gene or an accelerated evolutionary occurrence; instead, it stems from the fact that she was born into one of seven bloodlines of specialized swordsman and swordswomen called The Veil.

The Veil is an ancient society of noble assassins who have been tasked with hunting down ancient lost souls called ghost orphans, and bringing their souls to eternal rest by sending them to heaven. After being hunted for several centuries, a large sect of the ghost orphans began to fight back. Under the leadership of the vile Virginia Ice, the ghost orphans went to war against the Veil. Additionally, a group of hell-spawns called reapers arrived on Earth and began hunting down orphans, with the purpose of taking them to hell. This, of course, provided another powerful enemy for the Veil to contend with.


Birth Name

Lynda Day


Regalia Thyatira; Esther, Queen of Persia


Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Regalia possesses enhanced speed and agility. She’s an expert swordswoman and carries a living-blade.

The Story

Over the years, there have been numerous casualties on all sides of the war, and by the mid-21st century three of the seven Veil families had been totally wiped out. Furthermore, a fourth family, Thyatira was believed to be down to its final member – Paula Thyatira. But one night, as Paula found herself in a clash with a dangerous group of ghost orphan marauders, led by the duo of Bernadette and Troy Brothers, the two distant cousins crossed paths. Regalia, along with Devorah Chance, Exodus Red, and Taurian (a powerful vigilante hyper-being who worked as a police detective in his off-time) were locked in battle with Syphon and Monika Tapper, who were part of a militia of hyper-villains who also believed they were future versions of biblical figures – these two embodied Ananias and Saphira, respectively.

Syphon and Monika both possessed varying degrees of life-force draining abilities, with which they could use energy taken from other beings to create and emit concussive kinetic blows. They were an absolute handful to deal with, especially for Taurian, Exodus and Devorah, who all possessed energy-based hyper abilities. Regalia’s incredible swordplay, along with her enhanced speed and agility, however, enabled her to be very effective against the villains.

After battling across northern Platinum City for several hours, Regalia used her twin blades to cut through the support beams of an abandoned building, and bring the structure down on Syphon and Monika. What she didn’t know was that within the same building, Paula had been fighting to survive the onslaught of the Brothers Cousins and their ghost orphan cohorts. As the demolition dust cleared, the two battles became one battle, and Paula quickly found the Sacred Asylum could be counted on as allies.

In fact, the tide officially turned in favor of the heroes, when Regalia brandished her blades and sliced through a dozen ghost orphans in a dizzying and magnificent display of swordplay. But it wasn’t the swordplay itself that made everyone stop and stare; it was the fact that every one of the ghost orphans struck down by Regalia suddenly burst into bright green light, and ascended to heaven. Eventually, all the villains either got away or were forced to retreat, and afterwards, Paula explained to the others what they had just witnessed and discovered. Of course, the Sacred Asylum was aware of the existence of the ghost orphans and the work of the Veil, but they had no idea one of the their very own was a member. Furthermore, the green light of the ghosts slain by Regalia’s blade indicated that she was born of the House of Thyatira. This overjoyed Paula, as it meant she was no longer the only living member of that bloodline.

Paula was invited to stay in the Sacred Asylum facility for the next several weeks as she taught Regalia the full history of the Veil, the ghost orphans, the reapers, and the war. She was also introduced to several other Veil hunters, including the most celebrated of them all, Disa Philadelphia. Regalia was absolutely enthralled to discover that she was now a part of two incredible stories. Before long, she officially took on the House name of Thyatira, and pledged to fulfill duties to both the Asylum and the Veil. And for the next several years, she did just that – hunting down ghost orphans and battling reapers when called upon; and waging war against the legion of biblical villains who had seemingly been tasked by a mysterious Dark Master to harvest energy from the Earth’s core.

Her living-blades came in particularly handy during a confrontation against the Silver Temptress, who had become romantically entangled with Asylum strongman, Jawbone. The sultry villainess had been gifted with an invisi-blade, and was using it to relieve Jawbone of his hair, thus weakening him to a state of extreme vulnerability. It was Regalia’s blades that enabled her to detect the movement of the ghastly weapon, and eventually disarm and defeat Sliver Temptress.

In the late 22nd century, Messiah revealed to Regalia and the Sacred Asylum that the array of biblical villains they’d battled over the years were not simply attempting to harvest the Earth’s core; they were trying to retrieve a powerful star buried deep inside the Earth, called the triplos asteri. It was one of three stars which, if all were collected by the same individual, would grant said being god-like powers, provided he or she could answer a cosmic question posed by the supreme goddess Armonia.

Incidentally, the Tromokratesian warlord Emperor Kako had managed to retrieve two of them and was now on his way to Earth, with an armada of battleships, to retrieve the third. By the time Regalia and the others were dispatched to the excavation site, the hyper-human villain trio of Edgar Omega, London Omega and Ramses Hondo had already used their considerable powers and resources to get their hands on the star.

The Asylum launched a full-scale assault against the mega-villains, who were accompanied by a squad of hyper-powered mercenaries (Askari Badru, Shefali Chisisi, Qadira Azizi, Shafaf Ottah, and Fahim Nuru), as well as Edgar’s personal team of sharpshooters (Dezzie, Caliber, Rosko, Doc Holiday, Chopper, Tumbleweed, and Brandi Beretta).

Messiah had encased the minds of the members of the Asylum with psionic barriers to protect against the Omega Twins’ telepathic manipulations, but no amount of mind-powers could shield them from the deluge of firepower coming their way. Slingshot and Jawbone initiated the first wave of attacks, causing massive amounts of damage to the excavation site and forcing the villains to scramble; and Devorah commanded Regalia to use her speed, agility, and dexterity to go for the star.

The young huntress brandished her blades and began cutting her way through the carnage. After easily taking down several armed guards, she came face to face with Fahim Nuru. He took aim and unleashed a barrage of bullets, but Regalia was able to deflect and dodge the gunfire, allowing her to get in close enough to disarm the hyper-mercenary. She made another move toward Ramses, who was holding the container with the star. Her speed and adeptness made her nearly impossible to pin down, and she was getting closer and closer to her target. Edgar ordered Rosko to intercept.

The femme fatale gunner’s unique ability to slow down pockets of time in sudden bursts made her effective against the blade-wielding huntress. It became an extreme game of cat-and-mouse, as Regalia’s living-blades could periodically cut through the metaphysical waves created by Rosko’s hyper-ability. After a series of close calls, the swordswoman got in close enough and used the hilt of her blade to knock Rosko out.

Regalia now had a clear path to Ramses. Or so she thought! The Omega Twins, unable to directly affect the minds of the Sacred Asylum, had decided to go with a different tactic: they used their incredible telekinetic abilities to cause a massive earthquake. Panic ensued amongst the excavation site workers, forcing the Asylum to turn some of their attention toward protecting the innocents. Regalia was about to break off her pursuit of the triplos, when Devorah called out to her and commanded her to stay on task. Regalia was puzzled at first, as she had always been taught the safety of bystanders was paramount, even if those bystanders just happen to be scientists and engineers employed by the hyper-villains they were targeting.

Her bewilderment, however, quickly subsided when she realized it was beginning to rain, which meant the tide was literally about to turn in their favor – for Exodus Red, who possessed the ability to control and manipulate liquid, now had a near-infinite amount of ammunition at his fingertips…