November 14, 2016


He calls himself Messiah. Or at least, that was the name he gave to Dr. Elizabeth St. Pierre at New Hero Hospital, once he’d awoken from a three-day coma. The mysterious man had been brought to Dr. ESP’s facility after suddenly appearing in Church on the Hill in Southern California, right in the middle of a Sunday Morning Service. The four thousand member congregation was horrified to see that when the intense flash of light that preceded his appearance dimmed, they were looking at a man who had clearly just been crucified. He was nailed to a massive wooden cross, had been beaten mercilessly, and was wearing a crown of thorns. Emergency services were called and he was immediately taken to the hospital.

After a couple of hours the physicians were unable to properly treat severely injured body, as it soon became apparent that they were dealing with a hyper-powered human whose anatomy was beyond their expertise to properly treat. He was transported to New Hero Hospital in the Great Northwest, where Dr. Elizabeth St. Pierre and the rest of her staff went to work on him. Over the next three days, they used a multitude of hyper-morphology and psionic-healing techniques to treat him. Additionally, it seemed his body had a built-in healing factor of its own, but it was erratic and unpredictable, and at some points actually made their job a little more difficult.


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Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Messiah possesses immense psionic, telepathic, and matter-manipulation abilities. He can teleport, travel between dimensions, and traverse the cosmos. The full extent of his powers is unknown.

The Story

Dr. ESP was sitting by his bedside when he awoke. That was when he proceeded to tell her in the most calm and convincing tones that his name was ‘Messiah’, and that he had actually been born over 2000 years ago in the city of Nazareth. The doctor couldn’t believe what she was hearing. In fact, she didn’t believe what she was hearing, and proceed to use her own extrasensory perceptive abilities to probe his mind and see who he really was. However, she could find no indication that he was lying and, in fact she even found powerful and insanely intense memories of Heaven! She immediately broke the psionic link and went back to her office.

She contacted the Office of Hyper-Human Affairs in Platinum City and told them about this crazy man who claimed to be a future version of Jesus Christ. Additionally, she had also sensed immense psionic and matter-manipulation powers flowing through him and emanating from him, and felt that he could pose a potentially major threat if kept in close proximity to large populations of people. The OHHA suggested she have him taken to an isolated facility in Northern Platinum City until they could figure out what to do with him. She agreed and ended the call; then looked up to see that Messiah was standing in her doorway.

He also agreed that it would be a wise decision for him to go to the isolated facility, for all of the reasons stated during the call, as well as a plethora of others. And with that, Messiah teleported away to Northern Platinum City. He found the empty facility, which looked like an abandoned warehouse. He took a few minutes to manipulate it into a massive and luxurious mansion. He then walked inside and went to work. It’s difficult to explain exactly what that “work” entails, but suffice to say that Messiah’s abilities extend into the realm of reality-altering capabilities on a metaphysical and spiritual level. He is in constant battle with a number of unseen forces that threaten the consumption of human souls and the existence of the universe as a whole. Hench his “work” is quite important.

After a few months of isolation, there was finally a visitor to the mansion. It was Detective Gage Twelve, a San Diego police detective and vigilante hyper-being superhero. He was also a close friend and former patient of Dr. ESP, and had heard much about this peculiar case. Messiah opened the door, welcomed him in, and proceeded to engage him in a very informative discussion. The Detective asked how he could possibly be THE Messiah, to which the other answered that he had actually never claimed to be Jesus Christ. Furthermore, the mysterious man posited, even if he had claimed to be the Messiah, there was no way for him to prove it.

Detective Twelve suggested that he could simply show him, to which Messiah laughed and informed the officer that there were dozens of telekinetics, teleporters, telepaths, psychics, and matter-manipulators in the world who could potentially perform many of the same feats he would perform to prove who he was. Messiah then suggested that he just have faith. Gage was still convinced that this man was a loon, but he was also convinced that he was extremely powerful.

Finally, Gage asked why he had come to the 22nd century America as a human, and Messiah answered that he had come to be a hero – to save lives and save souls. However, due to the vast extent of his powers, he could not directly interfere in the physical realm. And so he would need a few other heroes to work with him and on his behalf. Gage asked him where he would find these other heroes. Messiah walked over to the bookshelf and picked up a copy of the King James Bible…

Over the next few years Gage – whose heroic alter-ego was called Taurian – witnessed a number of other hyper-beings emerge, and they, too, claimed to be men and women from biblical days who were transported to the future. Before long, Devorah Chance, Exodus Red, Regalia Thyatira, Jawbone, and finally, Slingshot had come to be a part of Messiah’s team. Taurian actually worked alongside them, eventually coining ‘The Sacred Asylum’ as the name of the team.

With his mighty squad of heroic hyper-human warriors out in the world battling all sorts of super-villains, Messiah was able to concentrate on his more spiritual and cosmic duties. After some time, however, a series of attacks from hyper-villains who also claimed to be from biblical history began to appear all around the world, forcing the Sacred Asylum into more frequent and intense battles. These evil and powerful individuals, who included hyper-powered versions of Jezebel, Goliath, Cain and Herod, had a specific goal, which at first seemed to be to harvest the energy of the Earth’s core for a mysterious master.

However, Messiah would eventually reveal to his team that the core was actually housing a powerful star, which was one of three stars called the triplos asteri. Within these three stars held a portion of the essence of an all-powerful goddess called Armonia, and whoever collected all three of them could potentially gain enough power to rule the universe as a god. Several powerful beings had hunted the stars over the centuries, but one, Emperor Kako – the ruler of an alien warrior race called the Tromokratesians – had managed to obtain two of the triplos asteri and was on the verge of retrieving the third from the Earth’s core.

Messiah dispatched the Sacred Asylum to the Hollow Earth Excavation site near the North Pole, where earthly associates of Emperor Kako – Rames Hondo, Edgar Omega and London Omega, along with a large team of scientists and engineers – were in the final stages of releasing the star from the psionic energy barriers that protected it. Additionally, Kako’s emissary, the Tromokratesian warrior Ligselzus was present to oversee the project.

Having been told by Messiah the importance of not allowing the star to fall into the hands of Emperor Kako, the Sacred Asylum launched a full-scale assault on the Hollow Earth site. They were initially confronted by several squads of armed guards, but Slingshot’s projectiles easily dispatched of them, allowing the others to ascend on the main level of the huge installation. Two massive artificially-intelligent drills had been built and rigged up on either side of the platforms to penetrate the Earth’s core. Devorah gave the order, and Jawbone leaped at the first drill and used his incredible strength to smash into and wreck the 2000-ton, 500-foot apparatus. Meanwhile, Regalia unleashed her blades and began to carve up the support beams of the second drill. Dozens of scientists, engineers and other workers ran for cover as the installation’s main platform shifted violently, causing both drills to tumble. The machines would be no more use to anyone ever again.

Devorah was prepared to congratulate her team on a job well done, until she looked up to see that the triplos asteri had actually already been retrieved! Ligselzus was holding a container with the incredibly luminous star within. Without hesitation, Devorah gave the order to relieve him of the item, but as the Sacred Asylum converged, they were suddenly confronted by a deluge of hyper-powered super-villains!

It was complete and utter mayhem, as Ramses Hondo dispatched his militia of highly-trained mercenaries, including Fahim Nuru, Askari Badru, Shefali Chisisi, Jamad Musa, Qadira Azizi and Shafaf Ottah.Additionally, Edgar Lockhart’s team of sharpshooting assassins – Dezzie, Rosko, Caliber, Doc Holiday, Chopper, Tumbleweed and Brandi Beretta – unleashed a barrage of bullets at the God Squad. Ligselzus himself was also an incredibly adept combatant, and Ramses was an absolute nightmare of an adversary as well. But it was the Omega Twins who would prove to be the biggest problem, as London and Edgar eventually unleashed their incredible psionic abilities against the heroes!

The battle immediately shifted in favor of the villains, as Devorah and her team could do nothing to combat the mind-melting powers of the Omega Twins. With the members of the Asylum trying to fight the pain in their brains, they became easy targets for the villains. Ligzelus basked in the chaos as the heroes got thrashed about. It seemed that it was only a matter of time before the triplos asteri would be delivered to his master, Emperor Kako, and that all of Reality would fall under control of the Tromokratesian ruler.

But then, the final member of the Sacred Asylum made his presence felt. From the North Wing of the Sacred Asylum facility in Platinum City, Messiah unleashed a series of psionic orbs toward the Hollow Earth Excavation Site, each of which engulfed the minds of Devorah and the others, and nullified the effects of the Omega Twins’ telepathic onslaughts. Within seconds, the Sacred Asylum had regained their senses, their strength, and full use of their faculties and powers. They then turned their attention and energy back toward retrieving that star. This battle was far from over…