November 12, 2016


Many years ago, during an extraordinary journey to another world, Ramses “The Pharaoh” Hondo was blessed by Emperor Kako, supreme ruler of the vast Tromokratesian Empire, with the emperor’s DNA to enhance his anatomy. Along with this gift, The Pharaoh received all the resources he would need to begin the process of obtaining the last of three powerful stars called the triplos asteri for the emperor. These stars – once collected – would give Kako the ability to rule the universe as a god, alongside the supreme being Armonia. Before Ramses was sent back to Earth to carry out this mission, though, he was given a Tromokratesian emissary. This individual was Ligselzus.

Ligselzus was a Tromokratesian politician and former warrior, who had fallen out of the emperor’s graces. However, Emperor Kako did not wish to kill Ligselzus due to the family he belonged to, which happened to be one of the greatest and most honorable families in their species’ history. Thus, the emperor told Ligselzus he could earn his way back into his position by serving as a liaison on Earth between Ramses and the Tromokratesians. The Pharaoh was his new boss, which was the greatest of insults a Tromokratesian felt they could receive. He was to call a human his master. However, Ligselzus had no choice. It was either that or death, and the disgraced politician did not want to die. So, he went to Earth and assumed a human form to do his duty.


Birth Name





Tromokratesian; male

Birth Details

Planet Tromokrate, Skotadi System (Core Reality); Mid-17th century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Ligselzus possesses advanced strength, speed, agility, endurance and durability. He is trained in several hand-to-hand combat techniques and the use of both human weapons tech and Tromkratesian weapons tech.

The Story

When he arrived on Earth, Ligselzus did not approve of his human body. He was short and stocky; very short. He stood at 4 feet, and had a portly build. His head was bald, and he had a long, bushy beard. The disgraced politician was angered beyond belief. Nevertheless, he had to go with it, and go with it he did, as he assumed the human name Ashtar.

Over the years, Ashtar was sent to help Edgar Lockhart, Ramses’ partner in the mission to obtain the triplos asteri for Emperor Kako. As Edgar’s assistant, Ashtar grew rich and powerful. He also was a terrible person, treating no one with respect, and constantly fighting. He was extremely rude and contentious at all times. He hated being in human form, and could not wait until he was able to assume his true form so he could rejoin his emperor and species. After several years, that day finally arrived. The triplos asteri was on the verge of being obtained through the Hollow Earth Project, which was being overseen by Universal Intelligent engineers Dr. Reginald Watson – aka Dr. Cog – and Dr. Janice Heimann. Ashtar was also at the site of the project, in which the UI teams were using complicated artificially intelligent drilling machines to excavate the star from the center of the Earth’s core.

The job had hit a snag, however, as there was a powerful psionic barrier guarding the triplos asteri. At the time Edgar and Ramses had arrived to see the project through to completion, for Emperor Kako would soon arrive on Earth to collect the star. Fortunately the two men were accompanied by Edgar’s sister, London, who had recently evolved into one of the most powerful psionic beings in the universe. Additionally, she had used her powers to increase Edgar’s abilities, and as a result he was transformed into an equally powerful psionic being – Edgar Omega.

Edgar informed Dr. Watson and Dr. Heimann that the combined powers of him and his sister would be able to break the celestial energy barrier around the triplos asteri, and instructed them to prepare the machines to withstand the combined psionic energy they would be channeling through the technology. The scientists went to work and when everything was ready, Edgar and London took their places next to the two large drills that were positioned to fire directly into the celestial energy barrier. Then, they focused all of their power, and injected it into the drills.

As the machines operated, massive amounts of energy flowed through them. Dr. Watson steadily calibrated the drills on the fly, manipulating the special artificial intelligence software to maximize the machine’s output in an efficient and safe manner. He plugged away, changing the code to adapt to the energy levels, and rerouting any energy overload into auxiliary reservoirs for the other systems, like the psionic and telekinetic force-fields holding the planet together and absorbing the quakes caused by the drilling.

He then equalized a return flow from the auxiliary reservoirs to ensure there was a steady stream of energy injected into the drills, as London and Edgar began to physically and mentally tire toward the end of the process. In addition, Dr. Heimann and her team scurried up and down the drills, making immediate repairs and adjustments on the spot as the drill continued to operate. She ensured the mechanics were steady, and any weak points were instantly reinforced so the machines would not fail. It was scientific genius on full display, in conjunction with an exhibition of unparalleled psionic power.

Before too long, all involved were pleasantly surprised to see their efforts were paying off. The celestial energy barrier was fading rapidly. As the drills blasted powerful streams of telekinetic and psionic energy into it, the barrier rippled and glowed brightly. Dr. Watson monitored the energy displacement by the celestial barrier, and was able to confirm that the dissipation of energy was indeed taking place. The protective shield around the triplos asteri was eroding.

The scene was incredible. Edgar and London hovered near the enormous drills, while emitting massive amounts of power. White and blue waves of energy surrounded them and flowed into the machines. From there, the drills blasted the same color energy into the purplish and transparent celestial barrier. Dr. Watson could be seen through the windows of the main control center in between the drills as he slowly navigated the machines downward. The fiery Earth core was also flaring beneath them, providing an orange, yellow and red light show.Ashtar walked into the control room and monitored as Dr. Watson continued working. He wanted to make sure everything was going according to plan. Then, after about thirty minutes of exhausting and precise work, the celestial energy barrier was finally destroyed!

Once the triplos asteri was exposed, Ashtar went ballistic and began yelling for Dr. Watson to extract the star. Nervously, the doctor initiated the navigation program for the retrieval drone. It was designed by Dr. Heimann to withstand the hottest of temperatures. Once it was dispatched, it dove directly into the molten lava, and engulfed the star inside its containment unit. Then, it emerged from beneath the surface of the planet’s core and landed back on the loading platform near the control center. Edgar and London flew over, Ramses climbed down from above, and Ashtar ran out from the control room. When they all arrived around the drone, Dr. Watson told everyone to step back, as some lava may be thrown once the drone begins to open the containment unit. Ashtar ignored Dr. Watson, though, and ran over to open it up. Then the doors flung ajar and splashed scolding hot lava on the impatient Tromokratesian.

His human skin was burning, and he was screaming in pain. Everyone looked on, not willing to get close and be melted, too, but soon Ashtar was saved. The containment unit opened fully, and the triplos asteri was exposed. The energy from the star housing part of the goddess Armonia’s spirit instantly transformed Ashtar back into his true form – Ligselzus. Ramses and Edgar were shocked, as was everyone else.

Now whole again, Ligselzus’ very durable Tromokratesian skin was able to resist the remaining, cooling lava, and he simply wiped it off. Then, he laughed in a deep, maniacal tone, and told everyone that the reign of the Tromokratesians on Earth would soon be at hand…