November 8, 2016


The Entity is a malevolent being that found its way into Sir Vellichor’s Grand Library, and proceeded to engulf the mystical book palace in darkness. Captain Noble and Lt. Rashard Bonds, along with Prati Bimb and the Romanian Rampage, Crampoane, were summoned to the Library to put a stop to the menace, which potentially threatened the safety of the entire universe. After battling and defeating the dragon form of The Entity, the heroes were sucked through a black hole.

They landed on another black surface. The impact was hard, and each of them needed to take a second to gather themselves. After gaining their bearings, though, everyone looked around and were still quite confused. Prati asked if they had actually moved anywhere, as their surroundings looked exactly the same. Crampoane paid her no mind, and immediately began punching the ground in an attempt to hurt the Entity, and perhaps evoke another physical manifestation. However, their new location did not allow for them to injure it that way. Realizing this, the Romanian Rampage grew frustrated and yelled for whatever it was that held them to show.


Birth Name



The Entity



Birth Details


Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

The Entity in its pure form possesses near-omnipotence and near-omnipresence. It is able to create different forms of itself for protection, e.g. shadow figures and monsters.

The Story

In that moment, a figure was molded in the blackness. It was a giant face, but it was not very definitive. If they were not looking at it right in front of them, the heroes could have easily walked right past it. Nevertheless, they noticed the faint outlines; it was as if water was flowing in the darkness. The heroes looked on with intent on their faces, and The Entity spoke in a somewhat slow pace with an ominous, hypnotizing voice. It asked why the heroes had come, and what they sought to accomplish. Prati spoke first, saying she was there to find her friend. Then, before their eyes appeared Aishwarya. She was bound in darkness, and it looked as if her body was fading in and out, becoming transparent and then solid in pulses. Prait screamed for The Entity to let her friend go, but the being said Aishwarya belonged to it now, and it would slowly continue to suck her life force to increase its own.

Prati stepped forward, but Captain Noble held her back. He assumed if she rushed The Entity, it would just consume her as well. Crampoane looked on as if she was ready to rush into battle, too, as usual, but she did not, either. Even she knew what they faced could not be dealt with by pounding it to death. Lou then inquired why The Entity allowed them to confront it if it were taking people to drain their life force. The Entity replied it sought to enjoy their company, one of them more than the others. The heroes all looked at each other, for each did not know exactly who it was referring to.

Lou tried to negotiate with The Entity to see what the deeper motive at hand was, and if it would be willing to stop. However, it could not be reasoned with. The being had an absolute lust for power, and devouring everything within its darkness. Noble then asked why it would be hell-bent on destroying all of existence, for what good would it do to rule over a kingdom of nothingness. The Entity replied, it was necessary to eliminate all that was. It was the nature of things, and as with all creations, it could only be what it was made to be, and live how it was made to live, wherever it was at.

The heroes had no response, except for Prati. Not willing to buy that such a sentient being was content to existing as a slave to its own perceived purpose, she said there had to be more to The Entity than following natural order. In response it laughed maniacally, taunting Prati. It said it did not have to explain itself to inferior beings. This angered Prati and she yelled at The Entity, demanding it to let her friend go! Then, The Entity looked at Captain Noble, and said the heroes had him to thank for all it was doing. Lou looked at Noble and asked what the being was referring to. The Captain had no idea, and told The Entity to explain what it meant.

The being then referred to recent events, retelling how Captain Noble and his sidekick at the time, Shuttershock, tore their way through the Zhibdean Temple and fought the Triplets, before meeting the Zhibdean grandmaster Hosho. During that conversation, Hosho mentioned the prophecy of an impending doom, and it was on the Captain and his friend to rally their forces to combat an imbalance in the universe, for if they failed, it would mean all that was righteous and good would perish. After this, Captain Noble and Shuttershock exited the Temple and flew back to the US. The being continued that before Hosho returned to the universe, he dispatched The Entity to follow Captain Noble. Its mission was to ensure that if he was not able to prevent the doom that was to come, The Entity would consume everything on Earth and all that was connected to it, to prevent the evil from spreading any farther.

It followed Captain Noble all over the planet, but when he disappeared through the portal chasing Fata Morgana, The Entity could not follow, so it stayed behind and awaited his return. Yet, when it seemed Noble was not going to come back, The Entity said it began plotting where it would start its mission. That was when Cliché popped up on Earth to scout people to kidnap and bring back to the Library. Recognizing Noble had been in contact with her, the Entity lured her and the other members of the Book Club to a distant planet where it infused itself into a book, which Cliché and the others dutifully took back to Sir Vellichor’s Grand Library. Once there it was able to anchor itself to bookshelves and begin the process of consuming the Core Reality, for after it was done with the Library, it was going to use its newly acquired energy to expand to Earth, as well as every other planet and species earthlings had come in contact with.

Things looked bleak for the heroes. Then, Lou had an epiphany and told The Entity it was right. There was no way the heroes were going to be able to defeat it, and they were going to give up trying and leave. Noble, Prati and Crampoane looked at the super soldier like he was crazy, but before they could speak, Lou yelled out for Binder to extract them from the book. Instantly, they were transported back to the Library.

When they arrived in front of Sir Vellichor, he asked what was going on. Noble asked Lou the same thing, and the super soldier began explaining his idea. He said according to The Entity’s words, it was released by Hosho to follow the Captain, in case he was not able to prevent the impending doom. Lou said that the entire time Noble obviously did not see the being, because it was merely comprised of minor spiritual energy. However, after it anchored itself in the Grand Library and began consuming the magical books, along with whatever people or characters were trapped in them, it solidified its form due to the energy and life force it was devouring. The more it consumed, the stronger it got, and that was what enabled it to increase its power. The Entity also said once it absorbed all it could from the Library, it would have enough power to travel to Earth and continue to consume it, along with everything in the cosmos it was connected to. Therefore, if they prevented The Entity from consuming anything else, it would not be powerful enough to travel to Earth.

Lou’s plan was sound, and Crampoane told him he was a genius. Sir Vellichor, however, was nervous as to what his solution involved, and he asked the super soldier exactly how he planned to achieve his idea. Lou answered that Sir Vellichor would have to destroy every book in his library. That would stop The Entity’s spreading, and once it had nothing else to consume, it would be the only book in the Library; a library Sir Vellichor and The Book Club reigned supreme in. Lou then reminded everyone that The Entity also said it is a slave to natural order. Since that was true, it meant the being would have to abide by the laws of its environment. Binder could then extract Aishwarya, and force The Entity to close forever. Sir Vellichor hated the idea, but Lexicon promptly informed his master that he still had every single book, character, and story in his database. Using the magic of the Library, they could recreate every single book they had. The time it would take to do so was a small price to pay for saving the universe. Sir Vellichor could not deny Lou or Lexicon’s logic, so he agreed and with one wave of his hand, every single book was destroyed in a spectacular display of literary annihilation!

The Entity began rumbling and shaking like a person who’d had their entire oxygen supply cut off. It was obvious it was struggling to cope with its loss of a power source, and was in shock. Prati then turned to Binder, and urged him to free her friend. With a flash, the two friends were reunited and Aishwarya had returned to safety. Then, Binder went to close the book, but The Entity resisted. Sir Vellichor glared at the being and shouted for it to submit to its master and to close immediately. The master of the Library then used his own magic along with Binder’s, and the two slammed The Entity shut. Sir Vellichor did not waste any time to bind the entire book in a large magical lock, either. He ensured it would never be able to open by itself and operate autonomously again.

The heroes and The Book Club had stopped The Entity from devouring their worlds, but all was not well. Lou handed a device to Lexicon and told him to upload its entire database to it. The super soldier had brought it with him, in case they needed to take some data back to the Pentagon for help to defeat their enemy. When Sir Vellichor asked why that was necessary, Lou answered that Sir Vellichor was now being tasked to bring every single hyper-being back to life he kidnapped to defeat The Entity, and when they came back to check in on their progress, all people must be accounted for. If he did so and freed them from their illegal bondage, the US government would pardon Sir Vellichor and his people for violating the terms of their agreement. If not, or if Lou found out they tried to trick them, they would destroy the Grand Library, and imprison every member of The Book Club in the Enclosure Prison Facility.

Sir Vellichor agreed, and after that the heroes returned home to Earth.