November 7, 2016


As Lt. Rashard Bonds, Captain Noble, Prati Bimb and Crampoane stood inside the nefarious book, they kept hearing Aishwarya’s faint voice in the air. Prati began running around, yelling for her friend, but she could find nothing. They were surrounded by darkness. The other heroes looked all over as well, but they could find nothing, either. After a few more moments, Prati grew frustrated and slammed her sword into the ground. This caused everything to shake, which almost toppled the heroes. They then looked at each other, and realized that the ground they stood on – the pages of the book – could suffer pain and be damaged. Thus, they began striking away.


Birth Name



The Entity



Birth Details


Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

The Entity (in dragon form) possesses strength, agility, speed, and durability.

The Story

Lou unleashed a barrage of bullets on the ground, while Noble commenced to pounding it, as did the Romanian Rampage. Prati, meanwhile, continuously stabbed and sliced at it. The book began shaking tremendously, and it seemed like their plan was working; it was enduring a beating, and experiencing an excruciating amount of pain. That waa when its defense mechanism fired into overdrive, and it produced a monster to defend it from the heroes.
At first, the heroes felt a light breeze come their way. Not knowing what could have caused it, they all asked each other if they’d felt the wind get stronger. Everyone agreed, and before they knew it, they realized the wind was being caused by huge wings. A dragon was flying their way!

The massive creature landed, and roared mightily. Captain Noble looked at Lou, and said he had enough of battling monsters and was over it. Lou replied if that were the case, then he better go find Cosmic Noble and send him over, because there was no walking away from the beast in front of them. Prati stared up at the creature and was terrified. She began gathering as much courage as she could, and as she did, Crampoane noticed her. The Romanian Rampage told her to get it together, and not waste time gawking. Then, she popped spikes out of her skin and charged!

The monster saw Crampoane, and breathed a large stream of fire on her. However, her extremely tough and durable skin allowed her to run through the flames untouched. Then, as she reached the feet of the creature, she began punching its ankles. The monster felt the pain of the powerful spiked fists ramming into its body and hopped back, before flapping its wings to hover above. It roared in anger and breathed more fire down toward the Romanian Rampage. Crampoane did not backdown, though, and she braved the flames while maneuvering out of the way.

Lou backed her up by unleashing all types of artillery on the dragon. At first he emptied all of his Desert Eagle clips into the beast, causing it to attempt to fly away. Captain Noble was not letting it escape, though, as he flew into the sky and began punching it in the face with massive strikes. The dragon then took flight after Noble, chasing him all over the book. The two played cat and mouse for a bit, before Noble yelled to Lou that he was bringing the dragon his way. Lou prepared by holstering his pistols and taking the custom assault rifle off of his back. He then flipped the safety off, and took aim. Finally, Noble made a sharp turn, and Lou unleashed the entire clip of custom bullets into the beast. The rounds were massive, much larger than normal AR-15 ammunition, and it opened holes in the monster the size of basketballs. In great pain, the dragon flew away once more.

Meanwhile, Crampoane was running beneath the monster, waiting for it to land. When it did, she began climbing its tail, and running up its back. When she reached the middle of the spine, she began pounding down with her spiked fists in an attempt to break the beast’s back and immobilize it. However, the dragon shook and twisted its body, causing the Romanian Rampage to fly off and smash into the ground. Her tough skin protected her, though, as she rolled over the darkened pages. Nevertheless, she still needed to recover from the fall. The dragon decided to not give her a chance to catch her breath and immediately charged. It appeared Crampoane could be done for!

Noble looked down at what was happening, and saw Prati was in position to help. However, she was not moving. She was frozen in fear. Only a week and a half before she was doing her medical residency at a hospital in Platinum City and living with her best friend. She did not have any combat experience until she arrived in the Library, and though she absorbed 10 years of martial training knowledge in 10 days, she had no experience with monsters like the dragon they faced. At that moment, Noble realized she needed a nudge.

The hero of heroes swooped down and picked Prati up while flying towards the running dragon. She yelled, asking him what he was doing, and he answered that if she didn’t act, Crampoane would die. Prati screamed she wasn’t ready and didn’t want to be near the monster. However, Noble told her it was either she gets over her fear or she lets her comrade die, and then probably get killed herself. Finally, Noble let go of Prati and she fell on top of the dragon’s head.

Prati grabbed on for dear life, as the dragon stopped in the middle of his stride and shook his head violently. Lou yelled for Prati to use her sword, and Prati immediately stabbed her blade into the skull of the dragon. The monster roared crazily as the blade pierced its brain. Lou then motioned for Noble to come get him. Thus, the hero of heroes grabbed the super soldier and threw him at a high speed toward the beast. In mid-air, Lou unsheathed his massive bowie knife and landed on the creature’s neck by stabbing it in order to hang on. The momentum from the speed and angle of Noble’s throw gave him caused Lou to slide down the torso of the beast. His knife dragging through the underside of the dragon split the beast wide open, causing it to fall to the ground dead.

As the heroes all gathered together again, Lou wiped the dragon blood off his body and cleaned himself up the best he could. Noble looked at Prati and nodded, acknowledging her efforts and for helping bring down the dragon. Prati looked in shock, but she nodded in return, as she realized she had overcome her fear. The Romanian Rampage clapped her hands together and told everyone they did well, then suggested they began beating the pages of the book again to try and kill it. However, before she could, a huge hole opened up beneath them and they were sucked down into a vacuum!