November 2, 2016


My name was Captain Noble. I was a superhero who worked for the US government, before becoming lost at space. After being consumed by the universe, I am now Cosmic Noble, and this is an excerpt from my new journal.

Year 11, Day 329

In the beginning of time, when the universe was born, an entity was created to preside over all in existence. It is a part of everything to have ever been, and is connected to all things. Then one day, this entity produced objects which needed to be watched over at all times, as they were the key to unlocking the power of the supreme entity. These creations are called “triplos asteri”. They are three stars encasing the spirit of the supreme one, and the being who is able to find all three, unlock them, and then answer the cosmic question of the supreme one, is chosen to reign over everything in existence at the side of the entity, as its equal.

Next, King Astor, Lilith, Delilah and I all gathered to discuss how the Major General had come to find the throne room. She explained how they detected the opening of the portal while traveling nearby, and touched down to investigate. Then, she introduced herself. I started to as well, but she already knew exactly who I was, which shocked me. She explained how she is a celestial – an eternal, to be exact – from Earth, and had lived there for billions of years. Then, she told us how, even though she left to face a universal threat, she always kept tabs on what was going on on Earth. The adventures of Captain Noble apparently rang far and wide.


Birth Name



Major General Delilah Fray



Birth Details


Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Delilah possesses advanced strength, speed, agility, and durability. She also has the ability to receive power and restore health, while her body is in space. She can also shapeshift, and has been able to extend her lifespan across many centuries. In human form, her primary weapons are a pair of customized GKF blasters.

The Story

Presiding over the triplos asteri are beings known as “eternals”. They are celestial beings like Pathfinder, granted with cosmic powers, and their sole purpose is to keep track of the stars, and do what is necessary to defend them. As fate would have it, one of the triplos asteri came to be hidden in the center of the Earth. The eternal created to watch over it lived on Earth as well. She witnessed all stages of the planet’s evolution, and blended into society, as the human race came to dominate the planet. She eventually took human form, and walked amongst the people for thousands of years. Initially, she maintained her distance, and did not engage too much with mankind. However, being immersed in humanity for so long changed the eternal, bringing about a more human nature to her. Then, she fell in love one day, and married the man who captured her heart. From that day forth, this eternal was known as Delilah Fray.

Delilah lived a normal life with her husband, settling in Lafayette, LA, and had two girls. They were named Charlotte and Francine, and they were everything to Delilah. She loved them more than life itself, which says a lot, with her being an eternal. Instantly, Delilah knew her girls had special powers. However, she did not disclose this information to their father. She did not believe her husband was ready to learn she was an eternal, and that their kids were half-eternal, meaning they were beings of the universe. So, she began raising them as normal girls, giving them everything they needed, along with an abundance of love and affection. Alas, the storybook life was not to be forever.

When Charlotte and Francine were 4 and 2, respectively, Delilah was called away on cosmic business. She was transported instantly to The Stavro Dome in the middle of the night, where Pathfinder informed her that the triplos asteri were being sought after, and two of the three had already been collected. The only remaining star was the one hidden inside of Earth. Pathfinder then told Delilah her return to the supreme entity was immanent, and to prepare to go home. Thanking Pathfinder, Delilah left The Stavro Dome as if nothing were wrong. However, deep inside the eternal was extremely upset. She refused to leave her daughters and her husband. Delilah had grown to love her life and her family with every part of her cosmic being. However, she could not defy the will of the supreme being. Ultimately, she chose family, but decided to still investigate the circumstances surrounding the collection of the triplos asteri.

Knowing of the Galaxia Kyklos Force, Delilah decided to find them, and inquire as to what was going on. The GKF is the governing entity of the galaxy Earth is located, and if anyone could tell her what she wanted to know, it was them. After some interstellar travel, she found the GKF, and demanded to speak with their leaders. Having an eternal in their presence, the GKF quickly complied, and escorted her.

There, she informed them of her knowledge regarding the triplos asteri, and that she wanted to know who was collecting them. The GKF leaders did not know that the triplos asteri were real, as they only heard the myths about them. Seeing an eternal was in their presence, though, they believed her words. At that moment they disclosed they had been engaged in warfare for millennia against a cosmic tyrant from Tromokrate, a planet in the Skotadi star system. They believed he was looking to create the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, and when the two sides came together with all of their information, it was determined this tyrant indeed was the being who had already obtained two of the three triplos asteri, and it was evident he must be stopped.

In order to not give up her life with her family on Earth, Delilah agreed to help the GKF, if they agreed to do whatever was in their power to protect the planet she called home. They agreed, and Delilah immediately went into action. Her decision was a direct violation of natural order, for no celestial being was to interfere with the events taking place in the universe. However, her love for her family overruled everything. Thus, she coordinated with the GKF on a strategy, and then went undercover into the homeworld of the tyrant. Her eternal powers enabled her to shapeshift into the form of a Tromokratesian, and for many years, she manipulated and schemed her way into a position of importance within their military. Her combat skills and fighting powers made her stand out, two things the alien race hold high above all else, and eventually, she caught the eye of the tyrant himself. He was the emperor who ruled over the enormous Tromokratesian Empire, and she did not waste time using her cosmic influence to intoxicate him.

After some more years, the emperor chose Delilah to be his bride. She had proven herself a dynamic warrior and leader, and the tyrant sought to make her his forever. She had made some decisions she did not want to while commanding Tromokratesian invasions of other planets, but she did not have a choice. It was something she had to do, in order to gain the emperor’s trust, to not blow her cover, and to get close enough to the tyrant to be entrusted with the knowledge of the triplos asteri. All her work did pay off, though, for the night before their wedding he decided to show her his greatest possession.

Delilah searched for the triplos asteri the decades she was undercover, and only had found hints of their presence. It was not until she was way up the ranks of the Tromokratesian military, that she began uncovering solid evidence. Even then, though, it was minimal. When she heard the emperor say he wanted to show her his most prized possession, though, she knew that she was about to find what she had been searching for throughout all those years.

He walked her into his private quarters, and then revealed a secret compartment she never knew existed. Once opened, the two triplos asteri were unveiled, held safely inside two containers, powered by advanced Tromokratesian technology. Delilah was in awe of their power and magnificence, but she quickly gathered herself. Then, as she was about to kill the emperor and take the triplos asteri, the tyrant spoke about how he was getting ready to launch an attack on Earth to obtain the third star. Then, he opened a canister, unleashing the barrier holding back the energy the triplos asteri exuded. When that happened, Delilah lost her Tromokratesian body!

The energy from the stars triggered her celestial nature, and transformed her back into her natural form. The emperor was shocked, but he did not waste time asking questions, or dwelling over what was happening. He immediately grabbed his weapon and attacked! The two battled long and hard in his quarters, spilling out into other rooms of the mansion. The emperor was ruthless, and with his unparalleled physical abilities and combat skills, he eventually took Delilah down. She was beaten, battered, and bloodied. However, before the emperor could strike the finishing blow, she activated her emergency beacon, and was instantly teleported off the planet by the GKF.

Once she recovered, she gave the GKF all of the information she had regarding the Tromokratesians. The wealth of intel served the GKF well, but the fact still remained that the emperor had two of the three triplos asteri, and it was only a matter of time before he reached Earth, and destroyed the planet to get what he wanted. Thus, the GKF sent out an organization-wide alert. Their top priority was to protect Earth, and stop the Tromokratesian emperor from obtaining the last star. They mobilized all of their available starships and forces, and as they became prepared, fleet by fleet sent their forces towards Earth. Delilah was sent as well, having been promoted to the rank of Major General, and granted control of troops that were to work directly with the Earth leaders.

On the way to her home, Delilah’s ship picked up a very odd reading. Unstable portal energy had been detected from a planet which had had no portal activity for millennia. After searching the archives, the crew discovered the portals on that planet had all led to Earth. Fearing it could have been activated by Tromokratesians, Delilah commanded they break formation and go investigate the activity on the planet, which was named Friki.

When she touched down, she landed near the Luso region. While there, she visited with Lusonians, and explained what was going on. She said she needed to find the source of the portal energy, as her device showed it was nearby, but due to the instability of the portal she could not get an exact read. Seeing Delilah in her human form and talking about Earth, the werewolves took her directly to their leader, Maxim Luso. Then, after visiting with him, Max declared they would help her go to Castle Rathegalia, the location of the portal.

He informed her of the recent history, and that once he healed from his fight with Astor, he realized he was wrong to hate all vampires. The prince could have killed him, and would have been well within his rights to, but Astor spared Max. He also spared the lives of all the werewolves present at the arena that night, for he could have easily decided to slaughter as many of them as possible. That proved the prince was a person to not only be respected, but one Max was indebted to. Thus, he wasted no time in gathering all his best warriors, and boarding Delilah’s ship to go to the castle. He knew Astor sought to find the portal as well, and figured helping Delilah would ultimately help the prince.

While traveling there, Max warned Delilah that Lord Asotos Yios was a villainous tyrant, who would kill all of them before allowing her to get near the portal. His words triggered memories of another villainous tyrant she knew well, and the thought of another Tromokratesian emperor-type ruler made her blood boil. She told them she would eliminate him and all of his troops, if need be. Her words were music to Max’s ears, as he had wanted to kill Lord Asotos for ages. So, when they reached the castle, jumped down to the balcony, and stormed the throne room, Max was grateful to find they were not too late.

The Lusonians and GKF rushed into the throne room, and Max and his warriors all transformed into their werewolf form, before unleashing a brutal attack! They had the element of surprise, and used it to the fullest. They jumped on Asotos’ vampire warriors and began ripping them to shreds. Meanwhile, Delilah and the GKF blasted vampire soldiers with their guns, vaporizing them into nothing. I was shocked to see how deadly the weapons were. The GKF blasters appear to be large handguns that use some sort of atomic science to fire energy pulses. A miniature black hole is then produced at the center of the target, ripping it apart one molecule at a time, until it is completely destroyed and no longer exists. The vampire soldiers were disappearing by the handful, and it was a welcome sight.

I moved to help the werewolves and GKF fight the vampire soldiers, while Astor and Lilith went after Asotos. The battle between the galactic soldiers, werewolves, Asotos’ men, and myself, went on for quite some time. Vampire soldiers continued to pile into the throne room, replenishing their numbers. We continued to battle on, though, and the werewolves were relentless. They finally had a chance to seize the retribution they so yearned for, and they were taking it. Max was fighting like a mad beast, obliterating vampire soldiers left and right. Blood was spilled all around us, but that did not stop anyone. We were determined to eliminate the evil forces we faced, and after quite some time, we were able to do so. Then we all turned our attention to Astor and Lilith, who were locked in a vicious battle with Asotos.

The werewolves and Delilah wanted to move in to finish Asotos, but I told them to stay back. The final fight had to be between Astor, Lilith, and Asotos only, for what was at stake was too grave to be interfered with.

Their battle was intense, as Astor and Asotos constantly used the Rathegalia blood power to combat one another. The evil warlord would turn into the bat and swoop in on them, causing Astor to transform into mist, and Lilith to duck behind her large shield. Astor would then use his bursts of speed to attack Asotos, and Lilith would attack upwards with her spear. This forced the evil warlord to abandon his bat form and return to fighting normally. Their weapons clanged and clashed loudly, sometimes so fast you couldn’t even see the attacks. They moved about gracefully and swiftly; watching it almost put you in a trance, and whenever someone was struck, the disruption of action was abrupt. The strikes landed were brutal as well. The three vampires were striking with extreme prejudice. The lives of all of them were on the line, and could be ended at any moment.

Astor’s and Asotos’ powers and skills offset each other, but in the end, Lilith helped make the difference. Her skill with a spear and shield enabled Astor to eventually wear down Asotos, and land a succession of massive blows. Once the evil warlord was wounded, they continued to stagger their attacks with fluidity, while advancing from all angles. Astor sliced nonstop, and Lilith stabbed him repeatedly. Asotos was able to land his own strikes, injuring Lilith and Astor in return. However, their perfect chemistry and prowess was too much for Asotos.

Finally, with a stern motion Lilith rammed Asotos with her shield, sending him flying to the ground near Astor. He struggled to get up, and as he rose, he saw the prince standing before him. He was helpless, and he knew it. Too weak and damaged to fight anymore, Asotos spit on Astor’s boots, and told him he would see him in the afterlife. Astor replied Belmont and Leon were already waiting for the evil warlord, and all Asotos had to look forward to was an eternity of getting his ass whooped. Then, the prince ran his sword from the crown of Asotos’ head, all the way down through his groin, splitting him perfectly in two. The war which had waged on for so long was finally over.

But the mysterious appearance of Delilah Fray, and the tales she told of Tromokrate and the triplos asteri apparently indicated that another war – one that I had been warned off some time ago – was on the verge commencing and consuming us all…