August 4, 2016


Ingrid Encarnacion was never a fan of being outdoors, so it was ironic when – at the age of 24 – she found that she could telepathically communicate with plants. It is something she probably would have discovered sooner, if she had ever spent any time in a garden, forest, or even a room with a fern. Even her boyfriend, Chet Ditto knew the worst thing he could do was buy her a bouquet of roses. She preferred technology – a new gadget or accessory for her cell phone, or a nifty attachment for her digital camera. For Christmas one year, Chet blew her away with the first version of the Smart Bud – an earpiece device which links to your brain through meta-virtual tech, and allows you to make phone calls, access the internet, and a million other functions, just by thinking.

She loved the gift! And in fact, she continued to love technology, even after she discovered her extraordinary hyper-ability. Ingrid did, however, actually end up surrounding herself with a few more plants, as she purchased a fern and a cactus for her Platinum City apartment. She still refused to accept roses from Chet. But something she did not refuse was a lucrative job working for The Green Fallen Initiative. The Green Fallen Initiative was an effort to mitigate cemetery overpopulation, while bringing more trees to the concrete megaplex that is Platinum City. Instead of being buried in graves, the deceased (with permission from the family) would be placed in tree pods, and planted around the city. The natural fertilization provided by the corpse would promote incredibly beautiful foliage, and the deceased would continue to contribute to the world, even after their lives had ended.


Birth Name

Ingrid Encarnarcion


Rosa Petál


Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

Indianapolis, IN, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Rosa has the ability to telepathically communicate with and control the movements and actions of most plants and vegetative lifeforms.

The Story

The people of Platinum City overwhelmingly supported the Green Fallen Initiative, and within the first five years of the program over six thousand tree pods were planted. But then Platinum City was attacked by the hyper-mummy super-villain, Sarcophagus. He re-animated all six thousand corpses, and incited a full-on zombie invasion! Thanks to the work of heroes, like Captain Noble, Shuttershock, Frequency and Mictlan, Sarcophagus and the zombies were defeated, but the Green Fallen Initiative took a major hit. They essentially had to start from scratch.

It was Chet who heard about the job opportunity and suggested Ingrid go for it, as her abilities were a perfect fit. Furthermore, the business and industry world was moving in the direction of paying hyper-beings inordinate amounts of money, because they could complete tasks much more quickly and efficiently than regular humans, if they had the suitable hyper-ability. In this case, Ingrid did.

She quit her job as an account rep at an accounting firm, and went to work for the GFI. She instantly became a star in the company, as her hyper-abilities allowed her to do some extraordinary work. She earned the nickname Rosa Petál, – after a famous 22nd century botanist in Spain – and facilitated an amazing amount of green growth in the company, in both senses of the word, if you get what I am saying. Everything was going great. However, a little after a year, things began to change, as dozens and dozens of GFI employees were being laid off. The bottom line is that with Rosa Petál around, many other positions became expendable.

This did not make Rosa happy, and she actually tried to fight for her colleagues, but at the end of the day, there was not much she could do to save their jobs. Over the next year, Rosa watched as many more people were put out of work because of hyper-beings. Protesters were hitting the streets, both in support and in opposition to a hyper-bias workforce. The protests and demonstrations were peaceful at first, but it was only a matter of time before things turned violent. And then, on her way home from work one evening, Rosa herself was attacked by a group of angry protesters. It must have been people who knew her, for she quickly realized they had strategically cornered her in an area without any plants – leaving her nothing with which to defend herself. The masked assailants took her purse and her car keys, and tossed her to the ground, knocking her unconscious.

She awoke a few moments later…. but she was not in Platinum City anymore. In fact, she wasn’t even on Earth. Rosa would come to find out that she’d been transported to an alternate realm called the 5th Oblivion – a place ruled by the goddesses Sedah and Nevaeh. These goddesses were currently at odds with one another, and each had called a number of extraordinary women to fight on their behalf.

Rosa Petál had been summoned by Nevaeh, along with the likes of other powerful women, such as Enid Remington, Autumn Violet, Sultana, and many more, as part of the Daughters Of Deborah. They were tasked with protecting a palace, which housed a little girl by the name of Slate. Sedah’s army, the Chainmail Militia, led by Ebony Raven, had been tasked with breaking in and taking Slate. Neither goddess would release the women back to their respective worlds, realms, and timelines, until the wars ended either way.

The Chainmail Militia had launched the first of many full-scale assaults on the palace, and after a brutal battle in which both sides suffered casualties, the Daughters of Deborah had pushed Sedah’s army back. The Wars, however, were far from over, as Ebony Raven, Carina and the rest of the Militia came back and laid siege to the palace for what felt like weeks (it was difficult to decipher time in the 5th Oblivion). Despite the constant attacks, Nevaeh’s army was doing well to hold the palace.

Rosa’s abilities were extremely useful, as she was able to use the vines growing on the palace walls to thwart a powerful push from SubZeera, Madam Deadhead, Kray Kray and Qadira Azizi, who attempted to use fellow teammate, Encore’s teleportation abilities to get through the walls in a less direct manner. Rosa, however, was not only able to hold off the attack, but she was also able to wrap the women up in vines, and trap them against the wall – except for Encore, who was able to teleport out of the bondage and escape.

Again, the Daughters of Deborah had held the palace, but it was clear that the Chainmail Militia was getting closer and closer to breaking through. Rosa then suggested they stop playing defense, and take the fight out to their enemy. Several of the other women disagreed with that course of action, but Rosa reminded Enid the Militia’s home base was surrounded by a massive bush garden, which meant she would pretty much be all-powerful in that space. Furthermore, Nevaeh had recently brought several more women to the 5th Oblivion to be part of Daughters of Deborah, such as the supremely skilled teleporter Cliché of Sir Vellichor’s Book Club, and the dangerous Diabla Diaz of the Blue Zone Killers. They had reinforcements and the tactical advantage; it was the perfect time to strike. Enid was convinced, and she gave the order to launch the attack!

And just as Rosa said, the bush garden offered her nearly unlimited power, as she was able to literally manipulate the Militia’s own defenses against them! Sedah’s army was being overrun, and it seemed that the Empress Wars would soon come to an end. That was, until the newest member of Sedah’s team emerged and entered the fray – it was the giant, Tectonica, who was nearly 35-stories tall, and insanely strong. No amount of foliage in the universe would be able to hold the massive Ms. Trembly. Her impact was felt immediately, as she began to lay waste to the Daughters of Deborah.

The DoD powerhouse Lady Paige attempted to match strength with the giantess, as Rosa tried to throw her off balance with a succession of vines wrapped around her feet and ankles. But it was no use! Tectonica was eventually able to bat Lady Paige and other flyers away, before ripping her feet from the vines. Enid gave the order to retreat, but as they fled, the gargantuan woman reached down, grabbed Rosa, and began squeezing the life out of her.

The garden girl would have surely died, if not for the arrival of Fata Morgana, who had previously been tasked with keeping guard at the palace. She had received word of Tectonica’s presence, and realized she was the only one who could go literally toe-to-toe with her. Fata suddenly morphed into her giant monster form, Fata Dracaena, and engaged the 35-story tall woman. The clash absolutely rocked the entire 5th Oblivion! But in the midst of the battle Rosa, along with the other members of her team, were able to escape back to the palace.