August 3, 2016


Autumn Violet was born on Super Earth One in the Infiniverse Reality, where – after the Hyper-Human war wiped out all humans – only hyper-beings exist. She is a member of the treacherous Army of Shadows, and fights in the War for Eternity against the Infinity Force, of which her sister Summer Sage is a part.

Though they were on different sides of the war, the sisters had something extraordinary in common: they were both spies for the opposing sides. Summer Sage was actually a member of the Army of Shadows, sent to uncover information about the Infinity Force in attempt to bring it down from the inside; while Autumn Violet allowed herself to be recruited into the shadows, in an effort to keep tabs on the elusive and evil enemy.


Birth Name

Autumn Violet




Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

Southern Continent, Super Earth One (Infiniverse Reality)

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Autumn Violet can morph herself into different animals, and parts of her body into different sorts of plant life. Her body’s weight and mass can fluctuate whether or not she’s in a transformative state, which in turn allows her to increase her strength and durability at times.

The Story

Both sisters were extremely successful at their given tasks, and without knowing the other’s true intentions they actually developed a disdain for one another, which gave birth to one of the most intense rivalries in the entirety of the War for Eternity. This rivalry crossed over inter-dimensional lines, when they were both teleported to the 5th Oblivion to fight on opposing sides of the Empress Wars. The goddesses of the 5th Oblivion, Sedah and Nevaeh had come into conflict over the development of their young protegé, Slate, and had each recruited armies of extraordinary women to fight on their respective behalves, with the winning side dictating the future of Slate, and the 5th Oblivion overall.

Autumn Violet was brought in to fight for Nevaeh’s Daughters of Deborah, the side that believed Slate should be allowed to develop naturally, without interference from outside forces. She, and nearly two dozen other female warriors, led by Enid Remington, were to guard the massive palace which housed Slate, at the center of the 5th Oblivion, and protect it from Sedah’s Chainmail Militia.

Upon her sudden teleportation to the strange world Autumn Violet, like all the other women, was shocked and disoriented. She was in one of the main chambers of the massive palace, surprised by unfamiliar faces, some of which seemed friendly, others of which clearly had evil intent bubbling beneath the surface. As Enid and then Nevaeh explained the purpose of why they were all there, Autumn tried to shake the dizziness from her head. She suddenly found herself standing near a pair of women, who seemed totally unaffected by the teleportation – the Iga Clan ninjas Interface and Nana. They had used their ability to channel chi energy to restore their faculties faster than any of the other women in the room. They had also seemed to more readily accept the extraordinary circumstances that had befallen them all.

The two ninja recognized that Autumn was struggling to regain her balance, and both stepped in to help her steady herself. They encouraged her to take it easy, but she could not calm down, and was beginning to hyperventilate. She stumbled through a nearby door, and into a smaller palace chamber. Nana and Interface followed her, as it was clear she still needed help. The new chamber had open skylights, allowing fresh air to waft through it. This helped Autumn a great deal, but her breathing was still labored, her head was clearly pounding, and it was clear she was about to puke.

Interface took a deep breath, and began to channel her chi in a way that she could transfer it to Autumn, and within seconds she began to regain her composure. When she was finally able to catch her breath, she asked the two ninja how they had recovered so quickly, and they explained to her the nature of chi and how they could channel an inner and outer “essence” in order to help reorient their minds, bodies and souls. This explanation suddenly startled Autumn, and she screamed for the two women to get away from her. She then transformed into a giant spider-like creature, and brandished a set of malicious fangs. Interface and Nana were now the ones who were confused, as they drew their weapons and prepared to defend themselves. Autumn then yelled for them to keep their “essence energy” away from her!

Interface quickly realized that the talk of chi is what had startled Autumn, and quickly explained that they were not trying to hurt her. After a dozen assurances, Autumn finally let her guard down, and transformed back to a humanoid form. She then explained to them that in her world there was a powerful being by the name of Eclipse, who had the extraordinary ability to change the core essence of living entities. In other words, he could switch someone from a hero to a villain, or vice versa. That was when a fourth individual entered the room – it was the goddess Nevaeh herself.

Nevaeh asked Autumn if she believed in destiny, to which she replied she did. The goddess then rhetorically asked that if she believed in predestination, then why should she have any fear? She explained that in most cases, fear is a symptom of not knowing what is going to happen. But if you believe that your destiny is laid out for you already, then you should let that path take its course without trepidation. Nana and Interface nodded in agreement. In fact, every woman in the palace chamber had the same outlook on life – that your natural destiny would come to pass, regardless of the choices you made. And that is why they had all been chosen to fight for Nevaeh’s Daughters of Deborah.

This did bring great comfort to Autumn. However, what was said next would produce the opposite effect… at least at first, as Nevaeh revealed to them that despite their valor, skill, abilities and powers, their side was destined to lose the Empress Wars. Autumn was almost floored again, and incredulously asked why she would tell them that, even if it was true. Nevaeh responded by saying, now that they knew they would be defeated and/or destroyed, they could fight without fear of death.

The sentiment made sense to Autumn, and in that moment she gained a new sense of resolve. That resolve would come in handy just a few hours later, when the Chainmail Militia launched their first attack on the palace. The supreme warrior, Carina led a ground assault, while Ebony Raven led a team of flyers from above.

Autumn Violet, Interface and Nana were among the squad of women who engaged the ground forces. Along with Carina, The Chainmail Militia had a solid collection of heavy hitters, like Madam Deadhead, Shanga, and Militia, who all came with thunderous, ground-shaking blows. They also had skillful tacticians, like Kray Kray, Tylda Durden, and Mania!. But as the battle ensued, the most dangerous of the Chainmail Militia proved to be Hysteria. The crazy leader of the Disturbed unleashed her mind-control ability, and the battle immediately turned into a nightmare for the Daughters of Deborah.

In an instant, some of their most skilled combatants, like Makeda and Liberty Star, were targeted by Hysteria, and subsequently rendered useless and vulnerable. Autumn Violet watched as the injuries began to pile up on her side. And she was helpless when her sister-in-arms, the reaper Ravana, was mind-controlled into dropping her blade, allowing Alva Devine and Jezabella (also reapers, but recruited to Sedah’s Chainmail Militia) to cut her down and take her life. It was turning into a massacre!

Then, just as Hysteria was about to hit Autumn with the mind-control probe, Interface jumped in and manipulated her chi to protect her mind. She then pulled out a dagger, took aim and flung it at Hysteria, hitting her square in the gut. The leader of the Disturbed went down in pain, ending her reign of terror on the minds of the DoD, and permanently ending her participation in the Empress Wars.

Interface, Nana and Autumn charged their adversaries, while another one of their teammates, Lydia McManus jumped into action, and began using her abilities to wipe away the effects of Hysteria’s mind-control. Autumn transformed into a giant bear-like creature, and began wreaking havoc, as Interface and Nana used their insane tactical skills and agility to move in on the Chainmail Militia, and attack with chi-blocking strikes, which left a dozen of them paralyzed and unable to use their powers, or limbs for that matter.

The fight was turning their way, and with more and more of their sisters regaining their right minds, it was clear that they would soon overwhelm the Chainmail Militia, and take the day. Then a distress call came from within the palace. Autumn, along with Visor and Sultana, rushed inside to find that two members of Militia had broken through the roof of the palace – it was their commander, Ebony Raven, and Autumn’s very own sister, Summer Sage.

Sage hesitated; Violet – remembering what Nevaeh had told her – did not! She and her teammates attacked with ferocity, and before long they had subdued Ebony and Summer, and taken them prisoner. They were brought into the main chamber, and placed in front of Enid Remington – president of the United States, powerful ghost orphan, and leader of the Daughters of Deborah. They were soon joined by the rest of the army, as the battle outside had been won, and the Chainmail Militia turned away.

Autumn held a claw to her sister’s neck, as Enid and Ebony, the leader of the Chainmail Militia, engaged in a heated discussion. Ebony demanded that Enid and the others release Slate to her, or there would be a grave price to pay. Enid laughed at her defiance. Then at that moment, the lifeless body of Ravana was carried into the chamber. Nobody was laughing anymore. Enid took a moment to commemorate her fallen sister, then turned back to Ebony, who said that more death would follow… However, before she could finish her sentence, Enid unleashed a vicious attack on the Militia leader. Several others followed suit, bombarding the Raven with a succession of energy blasts and concussive blows.

Hurt and nearly crippled, Ebony suddenly found a charge of energy, and was able to blast out of the palace before she was destroyed. Summer Sage, however, was not able to escape, as a DoD member by the name of Balayage used her hair to wrap her up. Autumn approached her bound sister, then took charge of the room. She screamed out that the goddess Nevaeh herself had spoken of the defeat the Daughters of Deborah would eventually suffer. She told them that their destinies had already been decided. However, now that they had no fear of the future, they could take the present by the throat! And with that, she grabbed Summer Sage’s neck, transformed her own teeth into razor sharp fangs, and bit into her sister, draining her of blood, and eventually draining her of life.

The Empress Wars were far from over…