May 26, 2016


Jezabella is a hell spawn that was sent to Earth, and tasked with the mission of hunting down ghost orphans for the purpose of sending the lost souls to hell. Her kind are referred to as reapers, and they are vicious and violent beings who wield wickedly powerful blades. Jezabella is one of the most trusted minions of the queen of reapers, Alva Devine.

Being a reaper makes Jezabella a mortal enemy of The Veil, a group of noble assassins who were also sent to Earth to hunt down ghost orphans. The difference is, Disa Philadelphia, her son Peter, and the rest of the members of The Veil have the goal of sending ghost orphans to heaven.


Birth Name





Para-human; female appearance

Birth Details

Spawned in Hell thousands of years ago; took physical earthly form sometime in 13th century Israel (Core Reality)

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Jezabella possesses enhanced strength, speed and durability, as well as a limited range of dark, mystical powers. She is a proficient physical combatant and has mastered the use of her primary weapon – a dark and powerful sword called a ghost-blade.

The Story

For many decades the reapers and the Veil had waged war against one another, with the fate of the ghost orphans hanging in the balance; however, the most dangerous of the lost souls – now going by the name Virginia Ice – had taken many steps throughout the history of the war to ensure that ghost orphans were not simply pawns to be used or prizes to be won by the respective sides. Instead, she had built an army of ghost orphan marauders to fight back, essentially making it a three-way war.

Jezabella has had dozens of encounters with ghost orphans, and for a long time hunted them relentlessly. But then Alva Devine struck a deal with Virginia Ice, in which the reapers and ghost orphans would combine forces against the Veil. This deal happened during an event known as the Seven Week Walk, in which thousands of ghost orphan-possessed people arrived at Platinum City University, and began silently marching around the school’s Central Administration Complex. Unbeknownst to the public, a number of PCU’s faculty and students were actually Veil members, and a couple of the facilities, particularly the somewhat secluded Deep Wing of the school, served as training dojos and bases of operations for the Veil.

A student named Derek Loman had shown up on campus and prophesied that after Seven Weeks of ghost orphans marching, the walls of Platinum City University would fall, and the Veil would be finished, once and for all. During the fourth week of the walk a riot broke out, thanks to a group of drunken, partying college students who clashed with the marchers. During the melee a number of ghost orphans revealed their ghastly paranormal powers to the unsuspecting public, and a number of Veil members were forced to pull out their specialized swords (living-blades) and cut down the lost souls.

Dozens of students were hurt, a number of ghost orphans were slain, a couple of Veil hunters were injured (including Mio Sardis, who was shot), and a slew of corpses were left lying in the streets of Platinum City University. The Veil fell under great scrutiny as one of their members, Quintonice Philadelphia, and her living-blade, were taken into custody by the Platinum City Police Force.

The march resumed the next day, however, PCU was in disarray, and the Veil was scrambling to figure out a way to explain the supernatural paranormal activity that had occurred to the public, in hopes of alleviating the half-dozen investigations that had been initiated by the PCFC, the FBI, the CIA, and a number of other agencies. Even The Mayor of Platinum City, Gemini DeLisi himself, as well as the President of the United States, Enid Remington, was visiting PCU. And it was their presence on the campus that triggered an event that threw yet another wrinkle in the entire situation, for as the presidential caravan was traveling over the Lebanon Memorial Bridge, Jezabella attacked!

She suddenly emerged from beneath the bridge, and used her wicked sword to immediately slash down the first wave of secret servicemen and women. The next wave opened fire on her, but she was too quick, and easily dodged some of their bullets, deflected others with her blade, and sliced them up as well. Dozens more security personnel ascended on her, but she continued to make short work of them. She fought her way over to President Remington’s limo, and easily sliced through the reinforced steel with her ghost-blade.

She deflected a few more bullets, then looked down on the president and Mayor DeLisi, who both looked back at the horrific hellspawn in utter terror. However, before she could raise her blade and strike, she was suddenly hit from behind! She turned to retaliate and saw nothing! But someone was definitely there, as she began getting kicked, and punched, and knocked all around! It would seem that there was an extra super secret Secret Service Member on the scene – a hyper-being with the ability to become invisible – Ariana Sheridan, also known as Blindspot.

Once Jezabella realized she was battling an invisible woman, she adjusted her tactics and was able to go blow-for-blow with her adversary. Eventually, the hellspawn got a lucky break and was able to cut Blindspot on her arm. She screamed in pain, as blood literally appeared out of nowhere. The reaper went for the deathblow, but Ariana was able to leap out of the way. This left Mayor DeLisi and President Remington totally exposed!

That’s when another blade came flying at her! Jezebella turned just in time to block and parry, then found herself face to face with a Veil Hunter – Caesar Laodicea. And he wasn’t alone. Twenty other Veil hunters from the House of Laodicea were with him, and after a moment of sizing her up, they rushed! The hellspawn immediately went on the defensive, blocking and ducking dozens of blades from all directions, looking for scant opportunities to strike back and, more importantly, an opportunity to escape with her life!

After several tireless minutes of evading the hunters, Jezabella finally made it to the end of the Lebanon Memorial Bridge, where she was able to use innocent bystanders as human shields and distractions, allowing her to get free of the Veil hunters and disappear back into the bowels of Platinum City.