May 12, 2016


Teivel is a hellspawn that was sent to Earth, tasked with hunting down ghost orphans and sending them down to hell.


Birth Name





Para-human; male appearance

Birth Details

Spawned in Hell thousands of years ago; took physical earthly form sometime in 13th century Israel

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Teivel possesses enhanced strength, speed and durability, as well as a limited range of dark mystic powers. He is a proficient physical combatant and has mastered the use of his primary weapon, a dark and powerful sword called a ghost-blade.

The Story

He skillfully wields a wicked ghost-blade, and often works closely with the queen of reapers herself, Alva Devine. He was with Alva when she traveled to hunt down the ghost orphans Simone and David Kicklighter, in what ended up being an incredibly violent battle that also included the noble Veil hunters, Disa and Valerie Philadelphia.

The Veil hunters’ mission ran counter to that of the reapers, as they were tasked with hunting ghost orphans for the purpose of sending them to a heavenly afterlife. Teivel had many missions in which he encountered the hunters, and in most cases the fate of a lost soul or two hung in the balance. Although it was difficult to be successful against the skill and might of the Veil hunters, Teivel actually had a pretty decent record against them. He had succeeded more than most of his cohorts; thus, he was sent on some of the more dangerous assignments.

One such assignment was the apprehension of the ghost orphan living inside of a young man named Derek Loman. The problem with this particular mission was the fact that Derek was being held captive within the Deep Wing of Platinum City University, which is also one of the central hubs and bases of operations for Veil hunters.

Derek had recently walked into a lecture hall at PCU and prophesied the destruction of Platinum City University, and the consequent fall of The Veil as a whole. Disa and Valerie had taken him into custody and interrogated him, only to learn that the marauding ghost orphan Virginia Ice could possibly be behind the mysterious and ominous plot the orphan had promised would lead to catastrophe.

Alva Devine commanded Teivel to get inside and take Derek down. Without hesitation the reaper was off to do his master’s bidding. He attacked the complex late in the night, and quickly encountered a group of young hunters who had been assigned to guard the orphan. The hellspawn was more skilled and more experienced than his adversaries, and was able to dispatch them with relative ease. He was on the verge of obtaining his target, when Valerie Philadelphia showed up. She did not lack the skill and experience necessary to go toe to toe with Teivel.

A ferocious and bloody battle ensued, and despite hitting Valerie with everything in his vast repertoire of sword techniques and paranormal hyper-abilities, he was unable to defeat the huntress. He was forced to retreat.

When he rejoined Alva and the other reapers – who had all been on a number of missions of various natures – the Queen of Reapers was disappointed to hear of his failure, but was impressed that Teivel survived a fight with the vaunted Valerie Philadelphia. Another member of their company, however, was not impressed at all – it was the vengeful vixen herself, Virginia Ice.

Teivel and several others brandished their blades and prepared for a fight, but Alva saved the reaper’s lives by telling them to stand down. She then informed her fellow hellspawns that Virginia was not there for a fight, she was there to discuss the terms of an alliance between the ghost orphans and the reapers…