May 10, 2016


Alva Devine was created in the depths of hell for the express purpose of war. While other hellspawns take the form of paraphysical manifestations, such as curses and incantations, and others in the form of metaphysical manifestations, such as evil thoughts and hatred, Alva was built to be a spiritual warrior. Every couple of millennia, when the demons would make futile attempts to storm the gates of Heaven, Alva was on the front line. Conversely, whenever a brave angel found herself on the banks of the Lake of Fire, it was Alva who defended the dark sanctity of the damned souls. And in the event a hellbound entity somehow escaped the eternal realm of Hades and found their way back into the natural world, it was Alva who was sent to bring it back.


Birth Name



Queen of the Reapers


Para-human; female appearance

Birth Details

Spawned in Hell thousands of years ago; took physical form in 1st century Greece (Core Reality)

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Alva possesses enhanced strength, speed and durability. She also has the ability to become invisible, and has a limited range of dark mystic powers. Additionally, she is an expert tactician and an extremely proficient physical combatant. She has mastered the use of her primary weapon, a dark and powerful sword called a ghost-blade.

The Story

Back in the 1st century, Alva was tasked with traveling to Earth to track a rogue demon that had escaped during a particularly tumultuous time for hell – the crucifixion and subsequent resurrection of Christ. It was a period that had sent an already chaotic realm into exponentially more delirium, as the walls of Hades had literally been torn asunder. For the most part, nothing, and no one escaped. However, one entity, a satyr-beast, did find passage into the natural world, and Alva was sent to Earth to capture it.

She tracked the creature to a cave near the Mediterranean Sea, and after an intense and violent skirmish, she was able to subdue the satyr and take it back to the underworld. Though she successfully accomplished her mission, she would one day learn that her fight with the monster would shape much of her future. The demon’s blood spilt during the battle would remain in the cave for many years, until it was found by disgraced Roman General, Marcus Octavius, sometime in 4th century. Marcus used the cursed substance to forge what would come to be known as ghost-blades. He recruited seven others, gifted each of them with a ghost-blade of their own, then declared war on the Roman Empire. They called themselves the Sapphire Cult.

The ghost-blades afforded the Evil Eight a plethora of extreme powers, and they easily laid waste to any and all armies that stood before them. Eventually, a group of seven chosen warriors – called “The Veil” – came into existence, and destroyed the Sapphire Cult and their blades. The damage, however, had already been done, as every human who had been slain by a ghost-blade had been transformed into lost wandering souls, who were unable to find passage to neither heaven, nor hell. These entities came to be known as ghost orphans.

Ghost orphans endured through many centuries until seven more warriors, who were all descendants of The Veil, began hunting them down, with the goal of bringing the orphans into heaven. But Paradise was not the only afterlife realm offering the wraiths a place in eternity, as Hades was also interested in bolstering its ranks. Alva had a new mission: to lead a team of hellspawns to Earth, and find as many ghost orphans as possible. They were equipped with powerful ghost-blades of their own, and they came to be known as reapers.

Alva has been incredibly efficient at fulfilling the task given to her, having caught thousands of ghost orphans. Even when the wraiths found a way to hide inside of human bodies through a soul-melding process called “phantom-fusion,” Alva continued to be murderously capable of getting the job done.

She has also had several intense showdowns with the descendants of The Veil, who have grown into a formidable militia of hunters and assassins. She most recently encountered them at the house of Simone and David Kicklighter in Platinum City. The Kicklighters had been phantom-fused with ghost orphans for nearly two decades, and Alva Devine had arrived with a goal to “defuse the situation,” so to speak. The lost souls, however, were not ready to give up their earthly immortality, and instead fought back against the reapers. The super-natural abilities the orphan spirits afforded the Kicklighters made them a very formidable pair. Furthermore, their son, Zane (who was not a ghost orphan, but had pyrokinetic hyper-abilities himself), was more than willing to fight alongside his parents.

When Veil descendant, Disa Philadelphia showed up with her son, Peter and her daughter, Valerie, the fight only intensified. Eventually, Alva was able to use her ghost-blade to slay Simone, and capture the ghost orphan inside of her. However, David’s orphan was taken by the Veil hunters. Alva and Disa clashed for a moment, but with no more ghost orphans left, the two sides retreated back to their respective bases to regroup.

Alva Devine continues to be one of the most dangerous entities on the planet.