December 16, 2016


My name is Captain Noble, and I was born and raised to be the perfect superhero. To that end, I’ve fulfilled my calling in every possible way. During my nearly two decades of hero work on behalf of the United States government, however, I was also conscripted to train to be the captain of the Starship Stratalight. Our first official commission came during an alien invasion of Earth by the Tromokratesians, led by Emperor Kako. The following is an excerpt from the memoir I’m writing to accompany the ship’s log.

Stratalight Maiden Voyage, Day 11

My name is Captain Noble, and I am the commander of the Starship Stratalight. It is the most technologically advanced starship ever built, and is manned by the most physiologically advanced crew of all time. While my unique metabolic bone structure infuses me with super strength, super speed and flight, my most significant gift to the Stratalight is merely my ability to organize and lead some of the most powerful individuals to ever exist. And while I recognize the importance of leadership and the significance of the role, I often wonder – when considering the powers, abilities and creativity of those I command – whether I’m needed at all. But this is not yet the time for that discussion. We will broach that topic soon enough. As for my crew members – Angel Wraith, Aphelion, HyperThrust, Powerline, Chief Two Strike, Euphoria, Wavelength, Smolder and Placebo (who left Earth with us), as well as Doctor Robotica (whom we will pick up along the way) – they, too, will receive detailed profiles in future entries.


Birth Name

Shane Williamson


Captain Noble; Cosmic Noble


Hyper-human; male

Birth Details

New York, NY, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Captain Noble possesses increased speed, strength, durability and endurance. He also has the ability to fly. Additionally, he is a master tactician and trained in an innumerable amount of battle strategies and fighting techniques.

The Story

For now, what you need to know is that the Stratalight was originally commissioned by the U.S. government to embark on exploratory missions. Plans changed, however, when Earth was attacked by an alien race known as the Tromokratesians. Their leader, Emperor Kako, had spent thousands of years searching for three special stars called the triplos asteri. These stars held a portion of the essence of the goddess Armonia, and – as legend and prophecy would have it – whoever found all three of the stars would be able to rule as a god alongside her.

At the time of this writing Kako is in possession of two of the stars. The third star had been hidden on Earth, deep within the planet’s core, which was the cause of the Tromokratesian attack. Fortunately, the world’s armies and hyper-beings, along with help from the intergalactic military known as the Galaxies Kyklos Force, were able to mount a defensive against the alien invaders. The ensuing battle engulfed the planet. Many lives were lost, and Kako came very close to obtaining the third star. But thanks to the Stratalight and her crew, it was kept out of his grasp. As I and a collection of other heroes and defenders, including the Alpha Initiative, and the GKF, led by General Tixus Trexion, fought against Kako himself, some of the alien emperor’s earthly allies, including Edgar and London Omega, as well as Ramses Hondo, attempted to take the star to the mothership of the Tromokratesian armada.

General Hank Garrison dispatched the Starship Stratalight to serve as a last line of defense, and it intercepted the mothership before it could leave orbit.  I was still locked in battle with Kako on Earth’s surface when the fire fight in the sky happened, but from what I reviewed on the deck video feeds, the Stratalight, commanded by my second officer Angel Wraith, performed beautifully. Lead pilot Aphelion and co-pilot HyperThrust maneuvered the ship with incredible precision as they evaded the firepower of nearly a dozen Tromokratesian battlecruisers, including the mothership; our master mechanic, Powerline, who also serves as the ship’s artillery specialist, and Chief Two Strike, the ship’s security officer, managed the Stratalight’s blaster cannons; and Angel Wraith’s force-fields effectively absorbed any hits taken from alien ship fire.

Additionally, a number of military jets, as well as GKF specialist Delilah Fray, and members of the Sacred Asylum superhero squad were there to assist, enabling the Stratalight to key in on the prime objective. The Omega Twins were actually able to board the Tromokratesian mothership with the triplos asteri, but so were members of the Stratalight crew, as Powerline let loose a cannon blast that breached the alien ship’s hull. From what I’ve been told, Powerline, along with Angel Wraith and Chief Two Strike, leapt inside and immediately found themselves surrounded by dozens of hyper-villains and Tromokratesian warriors.

Angel Wraith unleashed a massive force-field pulse, leveling a portion of the ship, and flooring the majority of the aliens and villains. The moment of disorientation allowed Chief Two Strike and Powerline to begin the fight with a distinct upper hand, as they jumped into the fray and smashed anything and anybody they could get their hands on. Angel Wraith used her force-field manipulation powers to keep the villains off-guard, as the trio continued to go for the star. The Tromokratesians’ advanced physiology, however, allowed them to adapt to her pulses, and before long, my crew members found themselves on the receiving end of quite a bit of punishment. Fortunately, Delilah Fray, as well as Black Jag of the Alpha Initiative, and the members of the Sacred Asylum also found their way onto the mothership. From all accounts the battle was incredibly ferocious. Eventually, the heroes did find The Omega Twins. They were holding the star in a protective psionic bubble. Angel Wraith, Powerline and Two Strike could not break the bubble; nor could Delilah or any of the Sacred Asylum members. There was one woman who could – the Stratalight’s communication officer, Placebo.

From the command deck of the Stratalight, Placebo unleashed a psionic blast that rocked the mothership, and destroyed the psionic bubble. London Omega immediately reestablished another psionic barrier, but Placebo again smashed through it. She then detected that London was attempting to fly away with the star. And that was when my communications officer exited the Stratalight and jumped into the fray herself.

I would later hear about the incredible mid-air showdown between two of the world’s most powerful telepaths. With the star suspended in the air between them, they had a world-shaking meeting of the minds, as each fought to wrest control of the triplos from the other. Eventually, it was a risky plan by Delilah Fray that helped turn the tide for Placebo. As the battle continued, The GKF general headed for the command deck of the Tromokratesian mothership, took out the pilots with a series of precision shots from her blaster, and jumped behind the controls. She had only a minute before she’d be overrun with more Tromokratesians, but a minute was all she needed, as she set the ship on a collision course with London Omega.

The psionic hyper-villain was forced to take evasive action, and that split second of broken concentration allowed Placebo to gain control of the star and secure it on the Stratalight. Placebo then emitted a telepathic message to all the heroes aboard the mothership, informing them to retreat. Apehlion and HyperThrust maneuvered the Stratalight into position to receive them, and once everyone was safe on board, they took off for the stars. The Stratalight docked on the GKF Commandship, which at the time was captained by GKF Major Blacious Lito – as General Tixus was still on Earth, battling Emperor Kako alongside me.

It was at that point that all of us, including Kako, received word that the star was secure with the Stratalight crew. The Tromokratesian warlord and the rest of his warriors immediately began to leave Earth’s surface, as they set out to give chase. I then received a telepathic message from Placebo, informing me that Operation: StarCover was a go. The Stratalight was to take off for a secret location in the galaxy where the third triplos could be hidden away from Kako, while the GKF and others figure out a way to relieve him of the first two stars. I needed to join my crew immediately. General Tixus and Lt. Rashard Bonds (among others), who’d also been fighting against Kako, wished me luck, and I blasted off to rendezvous with the Stratalight.

The Commandship had already left Earth’s orbit, and the Tromokratesians were already hot on the trail of the triplos. I had to use every ounce of my super-sonic speed to catch up, but eventually I was able to board the vessel. In the midst of hundreds of  GKF members hustling around, and my crew making a series of last minute adjustments on the Stratalight, I wanted to seek out Placebo and check on her, for when she contacted me I detected that a massive amount of stress and strain had been put on her mind due to the confrontation with London Omega. But when I found her, she and Delilah Fray were off alone, speaking intently to one another. Placebo immediately noticed my presence, and turned to come join me. Delilah, however, grabbed her arm and pulled her in for a hug.

I was confused, as I could fathom no reason why these two women would know of each other’s existence, let alone be that familiar with one another. The embrace ended and they went their separate ways, with Delilah falling in to assist with commanding the GKF fleet, and Placebo accompanying me back to the Stratalight. I asked her about the interaction with Delilah, and that was when I learned that the GKF General was my communication officer’s mother!

I had so many questions – but those questions would have to wait, as the Commandship was suddenly rocked by Tromokratesian battlecruiser cannon fire. It was time to board the Stratalight and take off. Powerline and the others informed me that all systems were a go, and within minutes we were locked and loaded. The GKF fleet would turn and engage the Tromokratesian fleet, as a way of giving us cover and a bit of a head start.

The Commandship’s launch-bay opened and after a few minutes of powering up, I gave HyperThrust the command to take us into hyper-speed. We blasted off deep into the cosmos, and took the triplos far away from Emperor Kako and the Tromokratesians.

Or so we thought…