December 10, 2016


Under the night sky during Mawlid – the Islamic holiday celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad – Mehmood Ali was born in Mecca. It was a difficult birth, which left his mother in the hospital for many months. During labor, a large flash of energy had emerged from her womb, which caused her to suffer some internal damage. The blast even knocked the doctor back onto the floor and tossed the furniture around the room. It was a sign Mehmood was unique; whether it was an ominous sign or a blessing remained to be seen.

Growing up as a child, Mehmood discovered he had the ability to project energy from his hands. Depending on what he chose to do was what determined the effect he had as well. If he chose to heal someone, he could place his hands on them and relieve that person of their ailments. If he wanted to set something on fire, he could use the energy to heat up the object to create fire. If Mehmood wanted to destroy something, he could use the energy as a forceful blast. The limits to his power did not seem to exist.


Birth Name

Mehmood Ali




Hyper-human; male

Birth Details

Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Earth (Core reality); Late-21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Mehmood has the ability to emit energy from his hands, which can be used for different things from healing to shooting concussive blasts.

The Story

It was a gift that divided many around him. Some thought he was the next great prophet, sent to Earth to help bring Allah’s people to Him. Others thought he was a jinn – a demon – and that he should not be allowed to exercise his powers, let alone live. Then, there were those who knew through science that Mehmood was a hyper-human. He was simply born with special abilities, like many others across the world. Regardless, though, Mehmood was kept from the public, as his parents did not want him to be subjected to neither worship nor persecution. Thus, they moved to a remote farm, raising livestock and growing wheat, away from the capital city.

For the rest of Mehmood’s life, he worked on the farm and lived with his parents. Occasionally, he would venture into the nearby town to purchase necessary goods, but he always kept to himself. This did not mean he did not continue to hone his powers, though. Over the years, Mehmood had grown even stronger in his energy abilities. He was constantly healing the livestock to make sure they were healthy and able to be sold. He also used his powers under the cover of darkness to plow their fields by shooting force beams of energy into the soil. Mehmood had become very well-versed at utilizing his gifts, which was more imperative than he ever knew, for in the 22nd century, when the Tromokratesians arrived, his people would need him.

On a trip back to Mecca to handle a business matter, Mehmood’s parents told him to stay with their car and to not talk to anyone. So, their son obliged and watched as his parents walked into a building near the marketplace. Then, moments later that building exploded. A few seconds later more buildings exploded, and before he knew it, alien Tromokratesian warriors were attacking everyone!

Mehmood rushed towards the burning building to find his parents, but there was no way he could get through the flames. So, he used his energy beams to clear the area of the fire, and when he did, he saw nothing but charred body parts. Mehmood was devastated, and as he stood there teary-eyed and distraught, others were scrambling around and screaming, trying to find their way to safety. Thus, he began to wander off to look for shelter, too. However, a Tromokratesian troop had noticed Mehmood used his power and called in a squad of advanced warriors to take care of him.

They descended on him and blocked his path. Then, they pointed their laser blasters at him. Mehmood did not hesitate, and channeling all the anger he had rushing through his body from witnessing his parents’ death, he unleashed a massive beam of energy. The projectile flattened the alien invaders! In an instant, more rushed over to stop him.

Mehmood continued to fire off beams of energy from his hands, sending alien invaders flying across the marketplace. Some he hit with blasts of heat which melted them. Others with pure concussive force. He showed no mercy. All the laser blasts from the alien blasters and starships above were countered with energy blasts, and then he would take out the source of the attack. Mehmood was a one man wrecking crew, and the more he used his abilities, the more powerful he became.

Then, Mehmood came across a mosque where people were trapped inside by a group of Tromokratesians. Black smoke was coming out of the windows and doorway as alien invaders had thrown what seemed to be some sort of chemical bombs inside, in an effort to flush the humans out. Without a second thought Mehmood blasted the Tromokratesians away, then he walked inside the church, unleashing a whirlwind of energy beams from his hands to clear the building of the smoke. Then, he shot a stream of healing energy from his hands and healed everyone of their ailments. They were cleared of danger… for the time being.

The people thanked him profusely and asked his name. When he said Mehmood Ali, a few of the people present recognized him from back in the day before his family moved him away. They were some of the folks who thought he was a jinn. However, at that moment they knew they were wrong, and immediately apologized for being part of the reason why his family decided to move away. Mehmood forgave them, but then said he had to leave as others were most likely in danger. One a young woman said that Mehmood should head to the Kaaba, the ancient, holy structure Muslims pray around during their annual prayer pilgrimage called a “hajj”. Working under the knowledge from news reports that the aliens were attacking monuments and other heavily-frequented areas, Mehmood and everyone else in the mosque felt it would be a major tragedy for the Kaaba to be destroyed. So, he left and ventured off to protect the holy site…