November 18, 2016


When Devorah Chance was just 7 years old, her parents began taking her to a psychiatrist for weekly sessions. It wasn’t that she displayed any alarming psychological or emotional issues; it was just that her parents believed having a trained professional to speak with in a confidential and safe space was an important component of holistic health and wellbeing. Devorah’s sessions at Dr. Gayla Griffith’s Upper West Side-office quickly became her favorite part of the week, and she looked forward to their political and philosophical discussions, as it gave her an opportunity to stretch and develop her young genius-level intellect.

Devorah’s parents, John Chance, a professional dog-trainer and Miguelina Chance, an investment banker, were very supportive and attentive to their only daughter, but they simply could not provide the intellectual stimulation Gayla could offer. The two of them grew very close and it was Gayla, not John and Miguelina, who ended up being the first point of contact when she began walking through some of the more drastic mental crossroads and physical changes she endured during her teenage years.


Birth Name

Devorah Chance


Deborah, Judge of Israel


Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

New York, NY, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Devorah Chance possesses enhanced strength, the power of flight and the ability to unleash energy beams from her hands. She has genius level intellect and is a master battle tactician.

The Story

It was Gayla who counseled her through her first puppy-love break up; and Gayla who counseled her when she struggled to reconcile her Christian faith with her political and ideological beliefs. Gayla was the first person she told when she discovered she had a set of extremely powerful and potentially destructive hyper-abilities; and it was Gayla who was the first to learn that Devorah was dealing with what she deemed a mental disorder, in which she began to believe she was a future reincarnation of a figure from the Bible.

Devorah and Gayla did everything they could to rationalize, figure out, and cope with the unshakable feeling that she was inhabited by the spirit and essence of the Old Testament judge and general, Deborah. Putting their two genius minds together, Devorah and Gayla were determined to solve the puzzle of her mental state before ever having to reveal it to John and Miguelina. It became an obsession for the two of them – they would spend several hours researching everything from rare mental disorders to hyper-morphology to telepathy, and anything else that could possibly explain it. But after 3 or 4 years, they could come up with nothing.

It was a week before her high school graduation that Devorah asked Gayla to be by her side as she would come clean to her parents about her condition. However, when the two of them arrived at her apartment, John and Miguelina were not alone. They were sitting and speaking with a man who revealed his name to be Messiah. John and Miguelina told their daughter that Messiah was a special breed of hyper-being called an Eternal, and that he had visited many years ago and told them about her hyper-abilities, her genius-level intellect, and her mental condition. Messiah had further encouraged them not to interfere with her own self-discovery that would happen during her sessions and meetings with Gayla, for it was imperative that she come into her own in a natural way and in her own timing.

Messiah then turned to Devorah, and told her that she was not suffering from a mental disorder or a sickness; but that he had placed the warrior spirit of Deborah within her, and he had also gifted her with supreme intelligence and hyper-abilities. Devorah could hardly believe what she was hearing. Messiah further explained that as an Eternal, he had been created with a set of specific purposes. One of these purposes included using his powers to assist in literally keeping the fabric of reality from unraveling. To that end, Messiah had been tasked with keeping a watchful eye on the triplos asteri – a trio of stars that, if collected by a single individual, could gift said being with a portion of the essence of the all-powerful goddess Armonia.

One of those stars were buried deep within the Earth’s core, and a Dark Being had sent a collection of hyper-villains – all of whom believed they were future versions of biblical figures – to harvest the star. Messiah could not directly intervene without potentially altering the timeline in a way that would strip free will from the inhabitants of the universe – something that all Eternals had taken an oath not to do.

So instead, Messiah set out to build a team of heroes he could count on to act on his behalf. They would eventually come to be known as the Sacred Asylum. Devorah was his first creation/recruit. It didn’t take long for her to make the decision to join him, for now she finally understood her place and purpose in the world. Well, mostly. Despite foregoing college, moving into the Sacred Asylum facility, and dedicating her life to honing her hyper-abilities, she continued to have weekly sessions with Dr. Griffith.

She was now dealing with how to handle her newfound responsibility; how to control her hyper-abilities, which included flight, energy projection, enhanced strength and speed, and heightened senses; and she was also dealing with how to handle and lead the additional hyper-beingswho would eventually be recruited to join the Sacred Asylum – Slingshot, Jawbone, Regalia Thyatira and Exodus Red.

With the guidance of Messiah and the help of Gayla, Devorah became a magnificent leader, worthy of respect amongst her teammates, and renowned by other heroes throughout the world – which came in especially handy when it was discovered that a cabal of master hyper-villains (Ramses Hondo, London Omega and Edgar Omega) had discovered a way to excavate the triplos asteri from the Earth’s core. Furthermore, they were working on behalf of intergalactic Tromkratesian warlord Emperor Kako, who had already obtained the first two stars. He was now on his way to Earth with an armada of battleships to collect the third star, and realize his dream as supreme god of the multiverse.

Messiah dispatched Devorah and the others to attack the excavation site, and take the star from the villains before Emperor Kako arrived. But when the Sacred Asylum arrived, they were met with a militia of armed troops and hyper-beings. The clash was ground-shattering with the heroes initially fairing well, due to the sudden and surprising nature of their attack, as well as Devorah’s expert tactical skills. However, the hyper-villains soon gained their bearings and the upper hand, as they outnumbered the Asylum nearly 4 to 1.

Devorah and the others were prepared to fight to the death, in order to see to it that the star did not get into the hands of Kako. And just when she was sure that she and her team would inevitably meet their end, she looked up to see the most beautiful thing she could have possibly seen in that moment…

A massive aircraft had descended on the site, and from the ship’s cargo bay the Alpha Initiative emerged and leapt into action! Lt. Rashard Bonds, Captain Noble, Liberty Star, Black Jag, Musashi, Interface, Orenda Barefoot and Encore immediately came alongside the Sacred Asylum and engaged the hyper-villains. Devorah finally had a chance to breathe, dropping to one knee to collect herself, before rejoining the fight.

A few moments later, a hand reached down to help her back up. She turned to see Major General Delilah Fray standing nearby. Their reputations had preceded them, as Messiah had mentioned Delilah – a fellow Eternal – to her on a few occasions; and Bonds, Noble and Liberty Star had extolled the Asylum field commander as a supremely reliable asset in the coming war with the Tromokratesians. Speaking of the Tromokratesians, Delilah filled Devorah in on thelatest developments. Devorah had been made privy to the fact the the Tromokratesian armada was heading to Earth, but she did not know that a powerful fleet of ally ships had also been called to the planet. It was the intergalactic army of which Delilah was a member, the Galaxias Kyklos Force.

Much to Devorah’s relief, the GKF had formed a military blockade around the planet. Furthermore, dozens of armies and teams of heroic hyper-beings from all around the world had been mobilized and briefed on the strengths, potential weaknesses, and possible battle strategies that could be used against the Tromoratesian troops, all of whom had been born and raised in the tradition of war. The fight of their lives was coming, but fortunately, the warriors and heroes of Earth were ready.

Devorah and Delilah exchanged confident reassuring looks, then charged into battle!