February 1, 2016


Reina Valencia has grown accustomed to her phone ringing off the hook around the clock. She is one of the most respected and most feared businesswomen to ever step into a boardroom. And so she takes a lot of calls from people who are trying to buy from her, trying to sell to her or trying to threaten her. She likes getting the first two kinds of calls. But she LOVES getting the third kind!


Birth Name

Reina Valencia




Human; female

Birth Details

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Reina Valencia has no super powers but she is extremely intelligent and extremely ruthless in all of her business dealings.

The Story

Reina was born in Brazil, but moved with her parents and seven siblings to New York City when she was just a little girl. She got her first taste of power when she decided to run for student council president in High School. She easily crushed the competition. And at first the rest of the student body was totally put off by the aggressive and somewhat underhanded tactics she used to earn the position. But then she began using those same tactics when it came to securing the most amazing DJs and decorations for the homecoming parties, and the most incredible locations for the junior and senior class trips, and the most insanely awesome prom of all time!

In college it was no different as she held at least a dozen co-chair positions. And in every one of those positions she got. stuff. done! She was loved by the student body, but she was also feared, for anybody who disagreed with her or tried to unseat her became her enemy. Reina would set her laser-sights on an adversary and she would go at them until they either got on board, got out of her way, or got destroyed. Of course, she preferred the third option, but was okay with the other two as well.

Anyone who ever met Reina thought she’d be perfect for politics, but she had no interest in playing that game. Instead she got three or four business degrees and set her mind on becoming a CEO. During her final year of study at Stanford University in California, she heard about an internship with Universal Intelligence, a massive and incredibly forward-thinking tech company. Over 3000 people were applying for just two spots. Reina wanted both of the spots. And upon making it to the interview round, she stepped into the room and convinced the four men and two women that if they had her, they wouldn’t need anybody else.

She landed the internship and over the next couple of years she worked her way up the corporate ladder. And just when it looked like somebody else was in her way, she found a way to get that person fired, demoted or worse. Reina was not messing around. She had learned all the ins and outs of Universal Intelligence – the goal of the company was to make artificial intelligence accessible to everyone, including the common man and woman. So, while they continued to make huge advancements in things such as engineering, space travel, weapons development and even interdimensional communications, they were also committed to creating cell phones and household appliances that benefited from A.I. enhancements

Ms. Valencia was not a tech genius, but she was well-versed in the art of managing, motivating and getting results. And as mentioned before, she was also very experienced in getting people out of her way. So in her 5th year with the company, when the CEO of Universal intelligence, Candace Solo, made a couple of questionable business decisions, Reina pounced on the opportunity and proceeded to absolutely destroy the woman’s professional reputation. Within six months, Candace was forced to resign and Reina had positioned herself to take over as the head of the company.

For the next seven years, Reina Valencia proceeded to take Universal Intelligence from a Fortune 500 company to a mega-power industrial and tech juggernaut. She was not. messing. around. And so her phone (or should we say, the phones of her assistants) was usually ringing off the hook with business deals, meeting arrangements and much more. But on this day, she would get a phone call she wasn’t quite expecting. It was a call from the only person in the world she answers to; the owner of Universal Intelligence: Edgar Lockhart.

He was in a panic. He needed a place to lay low because pretty much every single superhero in Platinum City, including Black Jag, Liberty Star, Musashi and Danzo were hunting him down, after he’d attempted to strong-arm Platinum City’s Mayor, Gemini DeLisi, into helping him grow his empire. Bribery, assassinations and all kinds of other terrible and illegal things had been perpetrated by Edgar. And after the heroes found out, they had teamed up to take him down. Edgar could have gone to war against the heroes – after all, he did have a personal team of bodyguards and snipers, called the Lockhart Force, made up of professional and extremely skilled killers like Caliber, Dezzie and Rosko – but he decided that the best thing to do was to get out of town for now, regroup and come back bigger, better and stronger.

And so he put in a call to Reina Valencia, one of his most trusted associates, and told her he was coming to California. The helicopter touched down on the roof of Universal Intelligence around 2 AM and the two of them met in the extravagant penthouse she kept on the top floor of the building. Edgar was interested in augmenting his Lockhart Force with some new UI tech to battle the Platinum City heroes. But Reina told him that nothing was quite battle-ready yet. She did, however, inform him that one of the men that owed her a huge favor was close to a breakthrough with a brand new synthetic hyper-serum. It would allow them to create a couple of hyper-beings of their own while they continued to perfect the UI tech.

Edgar cleaned himself up and a few hours later Reina chartered a flight to Las Vegas to visit the Carnival de’ Carnel Casino Resort and meet with the Sin City mogul himself, Ray Carnel.