September 25, 2016


Deathknell is the head of security for Leader, the undisputed god-king of Earth, sometime in the mid-25th century. Deathknell was Leader’s most trusted minion, and carried out a number of missions that helped him establish himself as the god-king. As Leader used the vastness of his mystical powers to prove to the world that he was indeed the supreme being of the universe, Deathknell was responsible for wiping out anyone who dissented. All who spoke out publicly against Leader would receive a visit from Deathknell, and the souls of the deceased would be sent to a realm of torture in the sky above, that could and would be gazed upon at anytime by the citizens of Earth – in that way, there was never a reason to guess what might happen to those who did not wholly follow Leader’s lead.

It was a little more than 100 years after the reign of Leader and DeathKnell began, that two new dissenters came to be. It was a couple simply known as “Mother” and “Father”, who had worked for forty years as genetic engineers in Leader’s complex, City 306. Now retired, the two of them had come to believe that despite Leader’s apparent divinity, he had to be taken down and destroyed. To that end, Mother and Father genetically engineered and gave birth to the perfect warrior – a girl who would simply come to be known as Daughter.


Birth Name





Hyper-human; male

Birth Details

City 306, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Early 25th century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Deathknell has enhanced strength a durability. He is proficient in a multitude of combat techniques, and uses his death-ax as his primary weapon. He also possesses limited telekinetic abilities.

The Story

They gave her the genetic coding to get through all of the GEN ID barriers and doors in the City 306 complex, and had her trained in numerous combat and weapons techniques, while also teaching her their belief that Leader was not meant to be the divine ruler of the planet. At the age of 18, Daughter set out to complete her mission of infiltrating the nine sections of the complex, and destroying Leader. As she approached her entry point of the Complex at the edge of a wooded area, she was met by the woman who took over the role of genetic engineer from her parents in City 306 – she was simply called Sister. She would assist Daughter in the mission.

As the two of them entered the complex and began making their way through the first section, they were met by Deathknell, and a multitude of other security personnel. Daughter engaged Deathknell in a brutal battle, as her blade crossed with his death-ax. Aside from his natural battle acumen, Deathknell also possessed enhanced strength, and some telekinetic abilities. Daughter, however, was able to hold her own against the vicious warrior and his cohorts. That was, until Sister betrayed her and turned against her, leaving the young rebel vulnerable, and eventually defeated by Deathknell. Daughter was taken prisoner and placed in a Dream Cell, where she would have to relive her failed attempt over and over again.

Sister was waiting for her when she awoke, and explained to her that the only way out of the Dream Cell was to find a way to complete the mission. She also revealed that she was still on her side, and that her betrayal was meant to save her life, as Deathknell would have surely killed her. What Sister did not reveal about herself was that her body was actually being embodied by a time-traveling hyper-being named Maximilian Finch from the 22nd century, who had been conscripted by Captain Infinity to jump forward in time and repair the Core Reality Timeline that had been fractured due to a series of metaphysical cataclysms. Max had determined that defeating Deathknell and Leader were the key to finding the chronokinetic energy needed to repair the fracture in Daughter’s time period.

And so, with Max residing inside of her, Sister set out to help Daughter complete the Dream Cell cycles, in hopes of helping her gain the experience she would need to destroy Leader in the real world. Deathknell, of course, would be in their way. As they worked through the first couple of sections of the nine-section complex, Deathknell was there to provide a multitude of obstacles, most of which included his incredible skill and power, as well as his natural penchant for violence and brutality.

Over and over again, he would defeat Daughter and Sister, which would be followed by a flash of light that sent the women back to the beginning of the Dream Cycle. After dozens and dozens of attempts, the two women made it through the eight sections of the Complex, and to the door of the final section – Section Nine, where Leader resided. After smashing through yet another squad of security personnel and booby traps, Deathknell stood in the way as their final obstacle. But just as Daughter and Sister had improved their skill and knowledge with each cycle, it seemed as though Deathknell had as well. As the showdown ensued between Daughter and Deathknell, he said as much, teasing her with the idea that every attempt to kill him and the Leader had also made him stronger. For a split second, Daughter wondered how he could know that they were in a Dream Cell, but at the end of the day it didn’t matter – Deathknell, whether or not he was a product of the Dream Cell, had to be destroyed.

They battled in the Great Hall leading to Leader’s area with reckless abandon, throwing thunderous blows at one another. Daughter’s blade skills were impeccable, and her bow-and-arrow shots were on point. But DeathKnell’s strength and ax skills were equally sick, and his telekinetic abilities made him nearly impossible to pin down. Sister assisted as much as possible, but there were still dozens of other security personnel streaming into the fray. She held them off as best as possible, allowing Daughter to continue the one-on-one engagement with Deathknell.

Finally, Daughter found her opening, and was able to blast Deathknell with a hyper-gun, sending him across the Hall, and crashing through the doors leading to Section Nine. Because his GEN ID was not coded for entry into Leader’s suite, his body began to have a violent and vicious reaction. He convulsed, his skin began to melt, and his bodily systems began to just break down. This, however, did not stop him from going at his adversary again and again! But Daughter now had a great advantage, as her own GEN ID (given to her by her parents) allowed her to step through the doorway without any ill effects. She deflected Deathknell’s weakened advances, eventually disarming and slaying him.

She looked up to see Leader standing before her. Above them were dozens of tortured souls screaming in agony; below them a glass floor, beneath which was a multitude of benevolent, seemingly happy souls. Leader at first appealed to her, asking her to consider everything before her eyes – the proof of his divinity. But her parents’ words and teachings, combined with her own knowledge, and Sister’s encouragement, kept her determined to finish the job. She charged at the divine dictator, who retaliated with a plethora of mythical and magical attacks of his own. It was at this point that Daughter discovered she was immune to his attacks! She was confused, at first wondering if it must be some condition of the Dream Cell. But again, it didn’t matter, as she had to complete the cycle, so that she could be released from the cell and given another chance to destroy Deathknell and Leader in real life. After a brief clash, she did just that, taking her sword and running him through! Her dream – or more accurately, her nightmare – was finally over.

She waited for a moment. She wasn’t sure what she was waiting for – but she was expecting a flash of light, followed by the process of awakening from the Dream Cell. However, that didn’t happen; instead, the corpses of Leader and Deathknell began to glow with a strange blue aura. Daughter was then surprised beyond belief to see Sister step in, and unleash a blast of chronokinetic energy that engulfed the room, and seemed powerful enough to engulf the entire planet. Daughter watched as Sister seemed to metaphysically connect with two universes, and then pull them together! After a few moments the aura disappeared, and Sister came to rest.

Daughter demanded to know what the hell was going on. And that was when Sister revealed her true identity – the embodiment of the time-traveler Max Finch from the 22nd century, who was on a mission to reconnect the timeline. Sister explained that destroying Leader and Deathknell was the key to unleashing the chronokinetic energy needed to complete the job. Daughter couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and proceeded to ask that even if all of that was true, how could what they had just done – in a Dream Cell – affect the chronokinetic aspects of the Core Reality Timeline?

Sister then revealed that they were actually not in a Dream Cell at all; and that in fact, everything they had just done was part of the real world, and had real consequences. Because of his time-traveling abilities, he was able to reset their mission every time they failed – and the only reason he was able to pull her through his time-jumps was because of her specialized genetic engineering. Still reeling from what she had just heard, she turned to see her parents standing in the doorway. They were elated that she had finally finished her mission, and that Leader and Deathknell were no more. At that moment, the tortured souls above, as well as the benevolent souls below disappeared – it had all been an elaborate illusion created by Leader. They told her that it would take some time to rebuild the world, and reshape it in an image that wasn’t dictated by Leader and Deathknell, but the dawn of a new era was indeed on the horizon.

They turned to thank Sister. She graciously accepted their gratitude, but reiterated that her actions, while beneficial to the well-being of the world in its current time, was done with a much larger goal in mind: to save all of time and reality from derailing into oblivion and ultimate destruction. They understood, then thanked her again. And with that, Max Finch time-jumped out of Sister’s body and soul, and into another time period to fix the next fracture in the timeline…