September 20, 2016


Melody Mental was born on Super Earth One, not long before its prophesied destruction occurred. It was a planet discovered by 22nd-century scientist Dr. Jessica Beck, who attempted to travel back in time with an expedition team, only to be slung back too far, and knocked off of the Core Reality Timeline.

Melody and her twin sister Harmony, were born with incredible voices – incredibly beautiful, AND incredibly dangerous. As babies, whenever they cried they caused earthquakes, because their vocal chords released a variety of types of energy, including shockwaves. Until they were mature enough to control and temper their emotions, they had to be kept in a special home, which was built from a specific technology that blocked their vocal emissions from destroying the entire planet.


Birth Name

Melody Mental


The Queen of Song


Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

Beckington, Southern Continent, Super Earth One; Post-Hyper-Human War (Infiniverse Reality)

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Melody can emit a nearly infinite variety of frequencies and hyper-psionic energies from her vocal chords. These emissions can become concussive blows and different types of sound waves, among other manifestations, and they can even morph into force-fields, energy fields, psionic barriers and more. When her voice is combined with her sister’s, the variety of potential vocal emissions increases exponentially.

The Story

Luckily, on Super Earth One the maturation process was a lot quicker than on Earth, so Melody and Harmony were babies for a much shorter time. At the age of 6, a hyper-being by the name of Miranda Miracle (who had a similar hyper-ability) was brought in to help the girls learn to control their abilities. From Miranda, they also learned about the Infinity Force led by Captain Infinity, the Army of Shadows led by Madam Zero, and the War for Eternity that waged between the two sides. While the war definitely involved a great deal of physical and sometimes violent confrontations, the primary fight was over the destinies of the citizens of the planet.

Per the prophecy, all citizens of Super Earth One who chose to dedicate their lives to following Captain Infinity and The Light would be saved from destruction once the Infiniverse came to an end, while all those who refused to choose The Light, or chose to follow Madam Zero into the Shadows, would meet their demise. While her sister was intrigued by the prospect of joining the Infinity Force, Melody was much more reluctant. She believed in, and chose to follow The Light, but she did not want to be directly involved in the conflict. Instead, Melody wanted to use her voice to bring a different kind of light to the world – the joy that comes with song.

Melody’s specialized vocal chords allowed her to emit an infinite variety of sounds, frequencies, notes, and more. This gave her the ability to create incredibly complex and rich sounding melodies, and before long, she was the most beloved musical sensation on Super Earth One. In fact, the Beckington Music Hall was built purely to accommodate the crowds that wanted to see her perform. Eventually her sister joined her, and for a few months they blew everyone away with their talents.

The success only lasted a few months, because it was that long before Super Earth One came to an end. Melody and Harmony were actually in the middle of a performance, when the planet began to crumble. Like everyone else, they attempted to run for cover, but soon realized that they could use their voices to form force-fields, thus protecting lesser-hypers from debris. After several hours of trying to survive the apocalypse of their world, they looked up to see Infinity Force member Spectra using the Eternity Key to open the portal, through which all followers of The Light could enter.

Melody and her sister were suddenly engulfed in light, along with hundreds of others, and pulled through the doorway and into the Core Reality. Melody was dropped right in the middle of a busy street of Platinum City. The disorienting feeling from inter-dimensional travel left her dizzy, with a blindingly painful headache. Her body was vibrating uncontrollably, and she could hardly stand up. Suddenly, she felt the presence of traffic zipping all around her, and in a panic she screamed – causing a massive shockwave throughout that area of Platinum City.

The Sista Clique superheroine squad happened to be nearby. They got the call, and was told that a hyper-villain was causing a ruckus. Kharma Lucky, Madam Deadhead, Ember Brook, Girl Six and Cybernetica rushed to the scene, and immediately engaged the seemingly out of control woman. Still in a panic, Melody fought back. And before long her sister had shown up, and joined the fray. The battle between the Sista Clique and the Mental Sisters was growing more and more violent, until finally the Clique was able to subdue the duo.

Kharma demanded to know who they were, but their disorientation rendered them unable to answer in a coherent fashion. Luckily, Captain Infinity arrived on the scene, and was able to explain everything about Super Earth One, its destruction, and the multitude of other citizens who were most likely showing up all over theplanet, having unintentionally catastrophic reactions to their new surroundings. Captain Infinity would have to track down as many of them as possible, and as quickly as possible, to avoid more incidents like the encounter between the Mental Sisters and the Sista Clique, or worse.

Kharma Lucky said she and her teammates could offer some shelter for them to rest while they gathered their bearings, as well as access to comprehensive newsfeeds that could potentially reveal up-to-the-minute occurrences in which Super Earth One refugees were involved. They made it to the Sista Clique’s Platinum City Penthouse Base of Operations (they had at least five bases throughout the country). That night Captain Infinity, who was actually still recovering from a brutal battle with Shadow Realm villains Madam Infinity and Captain Zero, as well as Harmony, rested and recuperated.

Melody, however, could not sleep. Instead, she sat beside Ember Brook at the command station, watching the half-dozen virtual displays as reports began to pour in of strange, never-before-seen hyper-beings spotted all over the world. Some of the sightings were pretty benign. But soon, she was beginning to see more and more violent interactions, as confused refugees clashed with frightened Earth natives. It was when a surveillance video popped up of a heavily armed military troupe violently taking the young (and insanely frightened) SEO refugee, Radiance, into custody, that Melody could take no more. She asked Ember to point her in the right direction, but the fiery heroine decided to just accompany her to the location, which was just outside of Platinum City; not more than 40 miles from where they were.

The ladies flew in to intercept the caravan of official vehicles, of which one contained Radiance. Melody unleashed a perfectly pitched vocal blast that temporarily rendered all of the personnel deaf and blind, then swooped in, grabbed Radiance, and flew off! They stopped to regroup, before beginning their journey back to the Sista Clique penthouse outpost. After shaking off the pounding headache, Radiance recognized Melody as the biggest celebrity superstar of the now destroyed Super Earth One. After gushing for a few awkward moments, Radiance suggested that they go after more SEO refugees. Melody agreed, and despite receiving a few “where are you” calls from her Sista Clique teammates, Ember decided to help out.

For the rest of the night, the three of them crisscrossed the US, and by the time they returned to the Clique’s Penthouse, Melody was accompanied by over a dozen SEO refugees. Captain Infinity was ecstatic to see Radiance and Kade the Keeper of the Infinity Force, as well as several other citizens.

The Captain, now fully recovered, thanked and congratulated Melody on a job well done. But their work, of course, was far from over….