September 10, 2016


Fracture was born on Super Earth One several quantics after the Hyper-Human War, which wiped out all humans, and right in the middle of the War for Eternity, between the Infinity Force led by Michael Xander Hope, aka Captain Infinity, and the Army of Shadows led by Madam Zero.

Fracture was one of the many undecided hypers on the planet. He had heard the prophecy from Captain Infinity, that all hypers who chose to follow The Light would be saved when Super Earth One was eventually destroyed. But he had also heard the argument from Madam Zero, that the Army of Shadows could potentially save Super Earth One from demise. And as he matured, he was torn as to which side he would choose.


Birth Name





Hyper-human; male

Birth Details

Williamsburg, Northern Continent, Super Earth One (Infiniverse Reality); Post-Hyper-Human War

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Fracture can create incredible thunderclaps. He has enhanced strength and durability as well.

The Story

With the War intensifying, each side sent out emissaries to recruit hypers to their respective causes. Fracture’s extreme strength and fighting ability made him a constant target for pitches to join The Army of Shadows and the Infinity Force. It was usually one or the other seeking him out at different times, but on one night, while he was working alone in his workshop, he was visited by both sides at the same time! The villainous technopath, Touchscreen was the first to appear. He came with an offer from Madam Zero, to become a general in her Army of Shadows – an intriguing idea to Fracture. However, he didn’t have much time to truly think it over, as the young Infinity Force member, Radiance showed up, and began to enumerate on all the benefits of following The Light. A battle ensued between Radiance and Touchscreen, but Fracture told them to stop fighting, and that he would take some time to consider both proposals.

A few months later, however, Fracture’s city of Williamsburg was attacked by the Centurians. The team of antiheroes, led by Centuria, demanded that every hyper in Williamsburg follow The Light, or be destroyed. The Centurians then attacked, and began to follow through on that threat. Fracture watched for a while as Centuria, Eclipse and Sapphire Shade laid waste to dozens of undecided hypers. Then, finally, he leaped out and confronted them. After coming to blows with the trio, he learned that they shared similar ideologies. And that’s when Fracture decided to join the Centurians.

The four of them continued their assault on Williamsburg, until Touchscreen and Radiance showed up. They had, again, chosen the same time to attempt to recruit Fracture, but were stunned when they found Williamsburg under attack. Touchscreen was even more taken aback when he saw his former comrade, Eclipse working alongside Centuria, and Radiance was shocked beyond belief when she saw her teammates, Centuria and Sapphire Shade working with Eclipse.

Centuria said she had a mission, and that she wasn’t going to let anyone stand in her way. She then ordered her Centurians to attack, and in a wicked twist of circumstances, Radiance and Touchscreen found themselves teaming up to defend against the onslaught of the fearsome foursome. Despite Touchscreen’s array of electrical blasts and Radiance’s light energy, the Centurians were just way too powerful, and a brutal beating ensued.

The technopath and light warrior were on the verge of meeting their demise, when suddenly Captain Infinity showed up. He demanded to know why Centuria had defected from the Infinity Force. She explained to him that he was too soft on the villains, and that Madam Zero would surely defeat them if they did not take more extreme actions. Captain Infinity said he would never take the sort of drastic measures she thought he should. Then suddenly, without warning Fracture attacked! The two of them exchanged thunderous blows, but Captain Infinity eventually overpowered his opponent.

The other Centurians helped Fracture to his feet, then after highlighting the massive destruction they had caused, they left Williamsburg.