August 31, 2016


Arrowhead was born on Super Earth One, a planet on an alternate realm that was discovered by Dr. Jessica Beck, when she and her expedition team attempted to go back in time a hundred years, but instead ended up accidentally going back nearly five hundred, and being bumped off the Core Reality timeline.


Birth Name



Arrowhead; The Dark Archer


Hyper-human; male

Birth Details

Southern Continent, Super Earth One (Infiniverse Reality); Pre-Hyper-Human War

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Arrowhead is an extremely accurate marksman with his specialized tactical bow. He also has enhanced strength and durability, as well as the ability to camouflage himself in certain environments. He is also a formidable hand-to-hand combatant.

The Story

A new society was established, and for a long time it grew into a burgeoning and flourishing civilization. Then came the Hyper-Human War, during which every human on the planet was wiped out. In the aftermath of that War a new war began, as the villainous CodeName Zero and the heroic Michael Xander Hope, aka Captain Infinity battled it out for the lives of their hyper-beings on Super Earth One.

Arrowhead has always been a staunch and dedicated member of the Army of Shadows. Before the Hyper-Human War, he was one of CodeName Zero’s original recruits; during the war, he viciously dispatched of General Jade Chrome’s troops with reckless abandon; in the immediate aftermath of the war, he was one of the most prominent human-extermination squad operatives; and when the new War for Eternity began, Arrowhead was on the frontlines.

As the war waged on, Arrowhead was sent on many missions. At one point, he was conscripted to lead a squadron of villains into the Infinity Fortress, in a confrontation that would prove to be an elaborate distraction for Captain Infinity and his team, as Arrowhead would reveal over the course of the battle. Captain Infinity, Centuria, and Crosscheck – the newest hyper to defect from the Army of Shadows to the Infinity Force – engaged Arrowhead, but dissension between the Captain and his sister put them at a disadvantage. Having isolated Centuria, the villain was able to disarm her and take her down, eliminating her from the fight.

As Captain Infinity faced off with Arrowhead, he demanded to know why the villain had so brazenly infiltrated the Infinity Fortress. The Dark Archer was more than happy to inform him that CodeName Zero had a master plan to bring down the Infinity Force once and for all. He then fired off a smoke arrow to cover the escape of him and the other Army of Shadow members.

Although that particular fight with the enemy was over, the fight between Captain infinity and Centuria was just beginning. Their disagreement over the handling of Arrowhead stemmed to an overall argument of how to deal with the Army of Shadows. While Captain Infinity’s affinity for offering villains a chance to turn to The Light was noble, Centuria believed it was much more prudent to destroy any and all members of The Army of Shadows at every opportunity. Crosscheck and other members of the Infinity Force attempted to mediate between the two of them, but it was no use. Centuria stormed away to the far wing of the Fortress to collect her thoughts.

But when she arrived, she found Arrowhead waiting for her. She brandished her weapons, and prepared for battle. She soon found out, however, that Arrowhead was not there to fight; he was there to make her an offer from CodeName Zero. Centuria and CodeName Zero had a very rocky history, but they did agree on one thing: that the prophecy about Super Earth One’s end Captain Infinity had returned from exile with was questionable at best, and beyond dangerous at worst.

Arrowhead relayed a rhetorical question to her about the prophecy – he wondered, if it was true, then why had no one else received the vision; why hadn’t she received the vision? It made Centuria think very hard. The Dark Archer then told her that CodeName Zero would agree to split the rule of Super Earth One in half with her, if she agreed to help him overthrow Captain Infinity.

She told Arrowhead to relay a message to his master: she would consider his terms…