August 26, 2016


Winter Rose is a noble hero who was born on Super Earth One, a planet in an alternate time realm that was discovered by Jessica Beck and her expedition team, when they attempted to go back in time a hundred years, but instead ended up going back nearly five hundred, and landing on a different timeline altogether.


Birth Name

Winter Rose




Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

Beckington, Southern Continent, Super Earth (Infiniverse Reality); Pre-Hyper-Human War

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Winter Rose posses the ability to unleash blasts of ice from her extremities and eyes. She also possesses above average speed and can use her ice-blasting powers to take flight for short periods of time.

The Story

After learning they would be stuck on this new planet, the expedition team began to build a new society, and for a very long time Super Earth One blossomed into an incredibly wonderful place to live. Then came the Hyper-Human War, which saw all of the hyper-beings (heroic and villainous) unite under Centuria and CodeName Zero to form Hyper-Being Legion, in a conflict against the human military corps led by General Jade Chrome.

The most powerful hero of Super Earth One, Michael Xander Hope aka Captain Infinity, abstained from fighting in the war, and exiled himself. Though Winter Rose agreed with Captain Infinity, she, like every other hyper on the planet, joined the Hyper-Being Legion, which succeed in the total annihilation of humans on, leaving the world populated by hypers exclusively.

Winter Rose was proud to serve under Centuria, who did an amazing job of bringing Super Earth One back to civility in the wake of the war. However, everything was thrown into chaos when CodeName Zero led a successful coup to dethrone her. A new war began, as Centuria and Doc Diligence led a rebellion against the Army of Shadows. However, the villains proved to be too powerful, and the heroes realized that if they stood any chance of ending Zero’s reign of terror, they would need to find Captain Infinity and implore him to come out of exile.

Centuria went on the journey to track him down near the planet’s core, while Doc Diligence continued to lead the rebellion. But the absence of their leader left the door open for the Army of Shadows to attack. Night Blitz, and several other villains, broke through the defenses of Infinity City, and began to slaughter the heroes. It seemed even Doc would meet his doom, when Winter Rose appeared and unleashed her incredible elemental powers! A series of icy blasts took down several villains and allowed her and Doc to regroup and retaliate.

Winter Rose had been one of the original members of the Infinity Force, and one of Doc’s first trainees. Her skill and experience proved to be a great equalizer as she went throughout the infinity City Base, literally stopping villains dead in their tracks. But then reinforcements arrived, and among them was the boss bad guy himself, CodeName Zero. Winter Rose, however, was not deterred, and went right at the dictator, matching her ice cold thorny projectiles against his zero-energy and his powerful zero-blade.

Then back and forth for a moment, until a number of other villains joined the fray, including Winter Rose’s former best friend, Spring Lily. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, Spring Lily unleashed a ferocious attack! Winter Rose would have to use every bit of skill and ingenuity to stave off her own demise…