August 11, 2016


Kat Haverford is the head of the Powerhouse Network, an ESPN-style network which reports exclusively on the actions, activities and effects of the hyper-human community all over Earth. It became one of the biggest media conglomerates in the world, with over a dozen subsidiary channels and publications, a films division, nationally syndicated radio programming, and a vast and nearly overpowering online presence. The Powerhouse Network was also full of talented investigative reporters and charismatic on-air personalities, such as Ja’Nique NuYork, who would eventually come to be known as a hyper-human herself, called Ember Brook.


Birth Name

Katherine Haverford




Human; female

Birth Details

Boston, MA, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Kat Haverford has no hyper-abilities, but she does have the power of a massive multimedia company at her disposal. She is also extremely intelligent.

The Story

And all of that was due to Kat Haverford, who took over the company after serving as the head of Platinum City Productions film studio for eleven years. Though the company already had a firm hold on hyper-human reporting, it was Kat’s aggressive expansion plans, and innovative show ideas that pushed the Network into the stratosphere.

With Mrs. Haverford in charge, the company continued to score win after win after win. The only prize Kat could never obtain was maybe the most popular media personality in the universe, Laquacia Nightingale. Despite continuous offers of inordinate amounts of money, Laquacia continually refused to walk away from her own individual multimedia empire. This made Laquacia and Kat rivals. But aside from a few veiled swipes from time to time, the rivalry remained friendly and professional.

That cordiality began to fracture a little, when they began reporting on the opposite sides of what eventually became one of the greatest issues of their time. Aside from the continuing fallout from the reveal that insanely successful business mogul, Edgar Lockhart was actually a corrupt and insanely evil hyper-villain, a series of other threats to society had become extremely important to deal with. And they all centered around the inclusion of hyper-beings in everyday life – an ideal that Laquacia had advocated for and facilitated. Kat, on the other hand, had remained skeptical of total hyper-human integration, and now many of her concerns were coming to pass.

Because of hyper-humans like SubZeera, Rosa Petál, Graphica, Terrabyte, and many others using their incredible skills and talents in the workplace, the job market was becoming increasingly smaller, and the unemployment rates were going through the roof. Kat instructed her investigative reporters and research teams to dig up as much empirical evidence as possible, to prove that hyper-beings were the direct cause of record unemployment numbers. The evidence was easy to find, as many companies boasted about how they could complete twice, or even three times as much work with a fraction of the workforce, thanks to hyper-beings.

Kat Haverford produced report after report, showing the detrimental effects of hyper-being integration, including the rise of black-market hyper-serums, which also brought a rise of new diseases and medical conditions, as the vast majority of these serums were not viable. However, people kept buying them and using them, in hopes of gaining hyper-abilities that could help them find work, and make enough money to feed themselves and their families.

Under the direction of Kat, the Powerhouse Network did a fantastic job putting these concerns out to the public. But she also did a good job of working the working class citizens into a frenzy of paranoia and fear. Protests, demonstrations and riots began to overtake the country. Politicians argued angrily with one another. Crimes against innocent, law-abiding hyper-beings became more and more numerous, and of course, some hyper-beings were forced to protect themselves, which in many cases only made things worse.

In the midst of all of this, Kat Haverford and the PHN continued to thrive. It was only a matter of time, however, before Kat’s network would feel the effects of unchecked and accelerated hyper-human integration, in the form of a future cataclysmic event that would literally rock the whole universe.