July 12, 2016


Logan was always active as a kid. He played every sport he could, and when he wasn’t participating in recreation leagues, he went hunting with his father. They would regularly take down elk and deer together, and Logan then would watch his father turn the animals into meat for dinner, or make the deer into jerky. They also went fishing often, spending numerous hours on lakes and at rivers, silently enjoying each other’s company. With Logan being an only child and his mother having left after a divorce a few years earlier, Logan and his father grew very close. His mother relinquished sole custody to his father, as she felt her new jet-setting lifestyle wasn’t conducive to visitation schedules. Logan never understood why his mother seemingly wanted nothing to do with him, and neither did his father; a fact that sparked a deep yearning for Logan to become knowledgeable about why people do what they do. He was too young to see it at the time, but it would ultimately help shape his destiny. Nevertheless, whether they understood it or not, that was their reality. Both flourished after her departure, though, and before long, Logan realized he had everything he needed in his father.


Birth Name

Logan Hunt


Dr. Logan Hunt


Human; male

Birth Details

Whitefish, MT, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Mid-21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Logan has no hyper-abilities. He is very intelligent.

The Story

As a young man, Logan experienced a few growth spurts and transformed into a strapping young man. He excelled on the football field, ranking as the top high school football prospect in the state. He was a combination of Brian Urlacher, Ray Lewis, Ronnie Lott and JJ Watt. He had a neverending motor, was a very intelligent player, could inspire his team to play beyond their abilities, was a natural born leader, and most prominently, he hit like a mack truck. Logan routinely laid out offensive opponents, causing the fans in the stands to jump off of the bleachers and cheer raucously. The fans from the other team… well, they usually covered their eyes or began crying at the sight of their team getting decimated by Logan, who eventually earned the nickname “The Huntsman”. This athletic prowess and physical superiority went beyond the football field, as it was also applicable to hunting.

As he aged, Logan embodied the nickname “The Huntsman” wholeheartedly. He’d heard stories from his father about how Native Americans would not use guns to hunt but bows and arrows and knives, and decided to adopt their methods. He felt a strong connection to the wilderness, and he had an inner animalistic streak as well. Logan believed those methods were more honorable for a hunter to use than high-powered rifles. Soon, the bows and arrows were left behind, too, and The Huntsman would only use his massive bowie knife. Logan would camp out in trees under full camouflage, and await a deer to roam into the area. He trained himself to sit perfectly still for hours, and the animals didn’t even know he was there. Then, when they came into striking range, he would silently freefall from a tree and tackle the animal. Using his knife and bare hands, he would then wrestle to corral the deer and stab it. Many times he failed, as a human trying to wrangle a full grown deer in the wild was nearly impossible. However, Logan would rather fail than cheat and use a gun, as he said. Plus, when Logan actually did succeed, the sense of accomplishment was much greater. That was, until he picked the wrong deer to tackle.

One day, Logan had concluded his tracking of a huge buck from afar. He finally had learned his territory, so he left, and came back the next day to hide and await the massive buck. Well, when his target arrived in the kill zone Logan had setup, things did not go as planned. Logan executed his drop on the buck perfectly, but when he was eventually tossed off, the buck did not flee, as they normally did. Logan jumped up because he thought he would have to run after the animal, but when he saw the buck standing there, staring at him, he was confused. Then, he heard the sound of a doe in the near distance. The buck had been looking to mate with the female deer, a detail which completely slipped Logan. Thus, over the next five minutes Logan battled with the enraged deer. He used all his skill and stabbed the buck numerous times, but as all outdoorsmen know, deer are notoriously durable. The buck’s adrenaline was rushing, too, and it was using its antlers to thrash Logan. Then, a shot rang from the distance and hit the buck. It was Logan’s dad. He had come to surprise Logan and join him. Luckily, he arrived just in time. Otherwise Logan most likely would have been killed.

The injuries Logan suffered were extensive. He ended up needing multiple surgeries, resulting in him losing all his football scholarships, as he would physically never be the same. For months, he was depressed. However, his father helped him through it all and brought his son through to other side. This enabled Logan to finish high school and attend the University of Montana, where he majored in psychology. From there, he received his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. He had always been interested in how the mind worked, e.g. between teammates, as well as between peers. Mostly, though, he was interested in how the mind worked between parents and their kids. Thus, without football and not being able to hunt anymore, he had directed all his energy to studying psychology, and it paid off. Eventually, he was noticed by the massive tech company, Universal Intelligence and was brought in to help develop artificial intelligence programs that mimicked the human mind.

Over the years, Dr. Logan Hunt used his expertise and knowledge to help advance UI to the forefront of technology, and he was instrumental in many of their most successful experiments. This was why UI VP Barbara York recruited him to help with the INTEL project being developed by the US government, to track brilliant individuals and potentially inhibit their brilliance if it was determined they could become a threat. It was a huge promotion and opportunity, so naturally he accepted. However, after he discovered what the INTEL program was all about, he tried to back out. Logan was not privy to ANY of the illegal activities happening in Universal Intelligence prior to the downfall of the company’s founder and owner, Edgar Lockhart, who had been recently outed as an international mastermind hyper-villain. Thus, he had no idea his work was contributing to nefarious things. However, when faced with the knowledge of something extremely morally questionable, he did not hesitate to walk away, and influence other scientists to walk away, too. Little did he know he had made a grave mistake.

Knox Hyde, the government official behind the development and implementation of Project INTEL, was not going to let one scientist who questioned his program create dissent amongst the Universal Intelligence ranks. It was not long, before Knox requested help from President Enid Remington to silence the vocal minority. After realizing that even a personal call and offer from her office could not alter Logan’s resolve, she had no choice but to dispatch a secret operative she kept on tap to quietly handle these types of issues. Remington’s mystery man organized, and carried out the abduction and disappearance of Dr. Hunt.

The other scientist, who had considered following Logan’s lead to dissent, were left wondering what exactly happened to him, but quickly realized his disappearance was most likely related to the fact that he opposed Project INTEL. So, they all reconsidered their decision to back out of working on it and fell in line. Logan’s disappearance remained a mystery.