June 24, 2016


London Lockhart was born the twin sister of Edgar Lockhart, in southern Platinum City, to lower-class parents in an impoverished neighborhood. Her father and mother both worked constantly, often leaving the twins to fend for themselves at home for day-to-day essentials. They looked after each other, and were each other’s best friends; helped each other with school, taught each other how to fight, and made their own meals. As they reached the age of nine, the twins began to realize they were different than other kids. They heard voices all the time, starting with the consciences of their parents. Eventually, they came to discover they had the power to hear all people’s thoughts. Additionally, they were able to speak to each other telepathically, but only to each other. Though they could not mentally communicate with any other people, their gifts were still powerful, and their new abilities set them on an interesting path.

By the time they were twelve, they had a very firm grasp of their powers, and began hustling people on the street, bringing home money, to help pay bills and put food on the table. They told their parents they had acquired random jobs, such as helping people move furniture, take out trash, wash cars, etc. However, after the twins began bringing home thousands of dollars a week, their parents became suspicious. It wasn’t long, before known crime bosses came, asking about the twins. This terrified their parents, and not wanting to have anything to do with criminal activity, they forced the kids to go live with their grandparents, on the north side of Platinum City.


Birth Name

London Lockhart




Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

Platinum City, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

London has the ability to read minds. She can communicate telepathically with her brother, Edgar Lockhart.

The Story

Soon after moving, Edgar decided he’d had enough of the rigid, strict lifestyle his grandparents made them live. So, he ran away, and fended for himself on the streets of Platinum City. London stayed with her grandparent, eventually completely turning her life around. She graduated high school early, and attended Platinum City University. There, she majored in Political Science, and graduated summa cum laude, before moving on to get her Ph.D. in the same field of study. London did all of this by the time she turned 21, emerging as one of the best and brightest minds in the country. Her heart was set on making a difference in the world as an incorruptible politician, and she was not about to let anything stop her. That was, until her brother, Edgar came around again.

As London was forging a respectable path of success for herself, Edgar was climbing the ladder to criminal success escalator-style. He ascended to become a formidable boss of the underworld, and eventually parlayed that into becoming a respected business man as well. He also created an incredible amount of enemies; enemies, who would attempt to take him down in any way possible – and that including using his loved ones leverage. Edgar knew, that in order for him to rocket to unparalleled heights of power, he needed to eliminate any and all potential weaknesses of his. Unfortunately, it meant he had to make the decision to eliminate his own family.

So, in a twisted act of kindness, he had his parents and grandparents killed, in order to prevent them from being captured and tortured (methods he himself had used against many of his rivals’ loved ones). That only left his sister, London, as his remaining family, and potential weaknesses. However, he could not bring himself to have her killed. He loved her too much, despite their estrangement. Even though they had not spoken much since he ran away, London was Edgar’s heart. She was the only one who understood him, and ever truly cared for him. Thus, instead of having her killed, he had her kidnapped. She was placed in a holding cell, made from technology that had been developed at the first of several tech companies he would come to own. This, however, was only the beginning.

Over the years, as Edgar emerged to a global powerhouse, he continued to upgrade the tech he used to maintain London’s captivity. Her normal cell was swapped out for an Ebb-cell, which muted her powers. He also began having her transferred to multiple compounds he owned across the world, in order to keep her completely off the grid. One such place was Nigeria, which the super-soldier Lt. Rashard Bonds discovered. At the time, a group of Edgar’s people were testing the hyper-ability-muting technology on another powerful telepath – a young hyper-cognitive girl, by the name of Chineke. Bonds freed Chineke, battled a number of Edgar’s hyper-powered employees, and blew the facility up. The technology, however, had already been proven to work very well, and thus, all of London’s holding cells were retrofitted.

Edgar also continued to increase his security teams, by recruiting more and more hyper-powered beings, such as Traverse and Shadow, to man the facilities, as well as partnering with global mercenary and arms dealer kingpin Ramses “The Pharaoh” Hondo, to incorporate alien technology. In addition, Edgar built a space station housing another Ebb cell, at the center of a labyrinth filled with mercenaries and monsters. He was determined to make sure she would never be discovered, or set free.

As time went on, London grew physically weak. She looked sickly from refusing to eat, causing her to deteriorate physically. Her skin became pale from never seeing the Sun. She became dehydrated from refusing to intake water as well. It grew to a point, that Edgar had to mandate she receive daily nutrients through IV, so she didn’t die. London, naturally, refused, which ultimately led her to being placed in a medically induced coma, so she could be fed and hydrated intravenously. Despite her physical weakness and unconscious state, however, London was growing stronger in her powers. Though the Ebb cell muted her abilities, and prevented her from reading other’s minds, London was still able to utilize the power inwards, and focus on her own brain during her coma. She eventually mapped her entire mind, building a unique mental energy, simultaneously cycling it through her mind repeatedly, exponentially refining and increasing her powers. Nevertheless, with the Ebb cell and the coma, London was not able to use her powers outwardly at all.

London would have stayed hidden forever, if not for the actions of another telepathic being called Confidential, who, after being held captive by Edgar’s people and experimented on, managed to escape the underground facility, during an attack by the Sista Clique. Before getting away, however, Confidential hacked into Edgar’s computers, and copied all of his files onto a virtual drive, which he then delivered to Danzo and the Iga Clan. The idea was to use the Iga Clan’s vast computer network and incredible social influence, to expose Edgar to the public as an evil criminal mastermind.

And it worked, as Edgar’s reputation as a legitimate businessman began to take hit after hit. But Edgar was not the only one exposed. So was London. In fact, upon learning about her, Lt. Rashard Bonds and his newly formed elite hero squad, The Alpha Initiative, set out to find and free her. Information from the file suggested that she was being held at a facility in the Amazon at the time. Half of the Alpha Initiative, – Liberty Star, Black Jag, Orenda and Encore – along with a squad of ex-Navy SEALs, attacked the facility with fury! After navigating an artificially intelligent force-field, and winning incredibly brutal battles against Traverse and Shadow, the squad finally made it to London’s cell.

They could see her on the other side of the glass wall – she was unconscious, and hooked up to an IV on a plush hospital bed. The heroes knew they had one chance at freeing London. The security system could not be tampered with, and they could not try to smash their way in. It was up to Encore to use her teleporting ability to go into the Ebb cell, grab London, and teleport out. It was a risk, as the holding cell had a security measure, which monitored the conditions inside. Any sudden change in temperature, movement, or molecular structure would initiate a security protocol, that would cause London to teleport to the space station cell.

Encore had performed some lightning-quick teleports in her life. But she would have to be as fast, or faster, to get London out in time. So, the hero mumbled to herself some encouragement, and went for it. In the blink of an eye, Encore was in the cell, and then back outside, standing by the rest of the team. Concurrently, a burst of light shot from the cell, too. However, Encore was alone. Liberty Star, Black Jag and Orenda were sure Encore had grabbed London. It was apparent, though, that the security protocol had won. Liberty Star got on her coms device, and informed Lt. Rashard Bonds that London had been teleported to the space station cell.

Lt. Rashard Bonds responded that his half of the Alpha Initiative was already approaching the orbiting fortress, and preparing to go to work!