June 12, 2016


Luca Bandoni is known as The Godfather of All Godfathers. He hails from Naples, Italy, where he was born into the Bandoni Family as the second son. His father was very intelligent, and ensured that Luca would receive a top-notch education, along with his two brothers and three sisters. While his four younger siblings all showed promise in medicine, finance and law, becoming doctors, accountants and lawyers, Luca and his older brother, Charlie were made to be in the criminal life. They were as ruthless as they were intelligent, and both had a knack for leadership.

Luca always knew that Charlie was next in line, so he never really mentally prepared himself to be at the head of the organization. He figured he had Charlie as a cushion, so Luca focused more on making sure the muscle aspect of the family was always strong. In his downtime he relaxed and partied pretty frequently. That was, until the day both his father and Charlie were murdered.


Birth Name

Luca Bandoni


The Godfathers of All Godfathers


Human; male

Birth Details

Naples, Italy, Earth (Core Reality); Mid-21st century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Luca is a very intelligent criminal mastermind, and an incredibly savvy tactician.

The Story

Luca was devastated by the loss. Not only that, but the entire Bandoni Family was in disarray. They were without their leader and their number two. Luca was thrust into the godfather position, but was not ready for it. He had no idea what to do. He wanted to avenge the murder of his father and brother, but he had absolutely no intel as to who was responsible. Luca wanted to wage war on all of the other mafia families, but his younger brother Anthony advised him against it. That would have crippled the Bandoni organization. So, he convinced Luca to do something very smart: follow the money.

The assassination took place in a restaurant by the coast, near Naples, and the only clue Luca had was that the getaway car was a Lamborghini with color-changing paint. So, Anthony – who was a very clever CFO for an import and export company – began tasking Luca’s men to ask around. It took a while, but the men uncovered sightings of the car, as it reportedly drove southeast, before the trail went cold.

The car couldn’t have just disappeared, so on a hunch, Anthony began calling connections at the seaports. He discovered a crate arrived at a dock that was never logged into the appropriate shipment manifesto. Anthony had the Bandoni Family men investigate and search the area. During their inspection they learned that a night-shift worker at the dock earning meager wages was bragging about buying a new house. So, they kidnapped the man and coerced the information out of him; he had been paid handsomely to hide the crate and omit it from the manifesto. It came in with a shipment from Rome, and was returned to Rome with a separate shipment. Anthony obtained the manifesto, and found out which port the crate was returned to. From there, they kidnapped Roman dockworkers who were also paid off, and tortured them until they talked. The Bandonis soon learned it was the Zuccaro Family who had sent the assassins.

Luca unleashed a wave of rage and terror on the Zuccaro Family. He annihilated everyone without mercy. It was not an all-out war, though. Luca meticulously plotted a simultaneous strike. Each family member from the godfather, down to the great-grandkids were targeted, and on one singular night, as the clock struck 9.17 p.m., – the same time his father and Charlie were killed – the Bandoni assassins carried out the murders of the Zuccaros in a dozen different locations, including a teenaged grandson away on vacation in Milan. The rival mafia family never recovered, and word quickly spread to not cross Luca Bandoni.

As time passed, Luca grew the Bandoni Family organization to unprecedented heights. After he rose to the top of Italy, he moved to conquer the US. Soon, the italian mobs in New York, Chicago, Miami and Las Vegas were all run by Luca. The Bandonis were the most powerful mafia organization around. It was not long before he rose to the top of New Italy in Platinum City as well. When he did, he soon connected with evil businessman, Edgar Lockhart, and joined a syndicate that included all the major crime organizations from all over the city. He represented the Italian crime organizations as the top godfather, which was how he became associated with Daichi Matsuzaki, the head of the Yakuza.

Several years later, the Yakuza boss manipulated Luca into joining him in a crusade against Danzo and the mighty Iga Clan. Daichi ordered several of his own men to impersonate Iga Clan members, and carry out attacks in New Italy. Luca was enraged by what he believed to be unprovoked aggression from the ninja. When Daichi proposed a deadly alliance, Luca agreed.

This led Luca and Daichi to meet with an individual, who claimed to have obtained information about the Iga Clan. They were planning on buying the secrets, and using the knowledge to wipe out the ninjas once and for all. The deal was taking place without issue, and was almost completed. However, Iga Clan master assassin Faceless arrived, along with super soldier Lt. Rashard Bonds, samurai superhero Musashi, and his protégé, Yoshi. With the samurai protégé at the wheel of the getaway car, the ninja master, samurai hero and super soldier infiltrated the warehouse where the transaction was being held.

Then, before the device with the secrets was exchanged for the money, the trio attacked. Luca and Daichi both fled behind their bodyguards. The informant, however, was able to grab the duffel bag of money, while still having the device, and ran in the opposite direction. Faceless went after the informant, while Lou and Musashi went after Daichi and Luca.

The heroes were on the verge of apprehending the criminal masterminds, when suddenly they ran into someone who would prove to be a major problem…