June 8, 2016


Ravana is a reaper, an evil entity that was sent from Hell to Earth, in order to hunt down ancient lost souls known as ghost orphans.

In order to better aid reapers in their quest to liberate the ghost orphans into a hellish afterlife, Ravana and her cohorts were given physical bodies, as well as wicked mystical swords called ghost-blades. And while these physical bodies are stronger, faster, more durable and more agile than those of average earthly beings, there are a number of setbacks, of which the main one is that they are subject to the natural laws and forces of the physical world. To that end, the reapers must exercise caution when hunting ghost orphans; and more importantly, when battling against their mortal foes, the hunters of the Veil, led by Disa Philadelphia. Their mission is also to hunt down ghost orphans, but with the purpose of sending them to a heavenly afterlife.


Birth Name





Para-human; female appearance

Birth Details

Spawned in Hell thousands of years ago; took physical earthly form sometime in 13th century Israel (Core Reality)

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Ravana possesses enhanced strength, speed and durability, as well as a limited range of dark mystical powers. She is a proficient physical combatant, and has mastered the use of her primary weapon – a dark and powerful sword called a ghost-blade.

The Story

Ravana is as vicious as any reaper, however, she’s considerably more reckless, and takes many more risks than her peers. Her master, Alva Devine has warned her repeatedly to be more careful, but Ravana’s impulsive nature more often than not gets the better of her. This fact was clearly evident when she went after Eddie Valdera, a crafty ghost orphan who works alongside Virginia Ice, who leads a dangerous band of ghost orphan marauders.

Ravana chased Eddie deep into the bowels of Platinum City, and just when she thought she had him cornered, she realized she had followed him into an underground community known as The Gap. This was a place where thousands of ghost orphans lived in relative peace – that is, unless one of their would-be captors trespassed into their territory. Eddie had set a trap for Ravana, and she had literally walked right into it. She attempted to fight off the onslaught of ghost orphans that descended on her, but her efforts were futile. She was disarmed, shackled, and taken prisoner.

That night Eddie interrogated Ravana, and using a number of cunning and clever manipulation tactics he was able to extract tons of information from the hellspawn. This information would be extremely useful against Alva Devine and the reapers. A few hours later Eddie set Ravana free, and promised her safe passage through The Gap, and back to the surface of Platinum City.

This was not the last time Eddie would call on her, for just a couple of weeks later he would request her presence once again. This time, however, he didn’t come for her himself; instead, it was a young Veil hunter by the name of Xylia Laodicea who came knocking on the door of Ravana’s hideout. At the time the hellspawn had no idea that Eddie and a small contingent of Veil hunters had struck a deal to work together, and she assumed that this battle would be just another in the long line of fights that had characterized the war between the Veil, the reapers, and the ghost orphans. She pulled out her blade, and the battle was on! Ravana fought with ferocity, but Xylia matched her intensity, and eventually gained the upper hand. The young hunter was actually on the verge of defeating the reaper and taking her into custody, when suddenly two more reapers showed up. Jezabella and Teivel drew their blades and attacked!

Xylia was immediately outmatched, and would have met her demise at the hands of the reaper trio, if not for the eventual arrival of experienced Veil hunters, Peter Philadelphia and Reagan Smyrna. Interestingly enough, Xylia had been secretly spying on the husband-and-wife team for a couple of weeks before, she was pulled into her current mission. Little did she know that Peter had been aware of her presence the whole time, and thus was ready to jump into action if needed. As the married couple clashed with Jezabella and Teivel, Xylia continued her pursuit of Ravana. They crossed blades in an epic and intense encounter, but this time it was the hellspawn who was victorious. Ravana disarmed her young adversary and put her ghost-blade to her neck. She then screamed for Peter and Reagan to stand down.

The two expert hunters turned to face the reaper and her hostage. Peter demanded that Xylia be let go, but Ravana refused. Peter was about to attack, when suddenly a fourth reaper arrived on the scene. But this wasn’t just any reaper – it was the queen of reapers, Alva Devine. The hunters were now officially outnumbered, but still, Peter and Reagan were confident they could fight their way out, with Xylia in tow.

That confidence, however, faltered when yet another femme fatale appeared out of the shadows; it was Virginia Ice! The ghost-orphan marauder was, of course, extremely dangerous in a fight – especially now that she had formed an alliance with Alva Devine – however, she was even more dangerous as the woman who had recently revealed to Reagan that she’d possibly shared an emotional relationship with Peter in the past.

At this point, Peter put his sword down in an attempt to deescalate the situation. Reagan was incredulous, and yelled at her husband to raise his weapon. Ravana suggested that Peter listen to his wife, because there was no way she was going to allow herself to be taken back to Eddie Valdera to be tortured again. Peter and Reagan were confused by this, and wondered allowed why a young hunter like Xylia would have anything to do with hunting down a reaper for the purposes of bringing her to the ghost orphan Eddie Valdera.

That was when Virginia Ice revealed that the ghost orphan marauders had also struck a deal with a group of Veil hunters, led by Caesar Laodicea. Peter and Reagan called her a liar; but then Ravana tightened her blade against Xylia’s throat, and told her to confirm what was being said. The young hunter took a deep breath, then reluctantly nodded. Ravana thanked Xylia, then told her that she was no longer needed – but before she could cut her hostage’s throat, an ice bullet ripped through the reaper’s temple! They all turned to see that Virginia was indeed holding the smoking gun.

All hell broke loose! Alva Devine screamed with rage as she commanded Teivel and Jezabella to attack! Reagan ran over to Xylia and tried to console the frightened and distraught young lady, who hugged and gripped her so tightly she could barely move. After a few moments Reagan was finally able to get her to her feet, and headed toward the exit. She looked back to see when Peter would be following them, but all she could see was her husband and Virginia Ice fighting side-by-side against the reapers, in almost perfect harmony.

For a moment, Reagan considered turning around and rejoining the fight, but then she looked at the young hunter in her arms, then at the corpse of Ravana on the ground – and she decided it was time to go.