May 2, 2016


Tylda Durden has always been a free spirit. She’s often moved around from city to city, never settling in one place for too long. Some who have come across her path say it’s the California upbringing that makes her spontaneous and carefree. Those few that know her well, though, know this is simply her innate nature. It is in her blood to be a rebel and to follow the beat of her own drum; her family says she is a carbon copy of her grandfather. Tylda has her own style, her own opinions, beliefs, values, morals, and code of conduct. She believes societal norms are shackles, and she lives to break as many people from those shackles as possible. This purpose really came to life when she moved to Platinum City and joined the underground fighting circuit.


Birth Name

Tylda Durden


Queen of the ULF


Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

Wilmington, CA, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Tylda has the ability to manipulate her muscles and bones to maximize efficiency during combat situations. She can make them more dense to increase strength and durabilitty or lighter to increase speed and agility. She is a very proficient brawler.

The Story

Tylda was born with the ability to manipulate her anatomy instantly in order to maximize her efficiency when fighting. That meant she could make her bones and muscles lighter to strike faster, or she could make them more dense to absorb more punishment. She could even increase the size of her muscles to better choke and injure people while holding them in submission moves. Combined with her unrelenting will and brawling skills, Tylda began winning matches at an incredible rate. Eventually, she became a champion. Then, she became the grand champion, defeating all of the other champs in a tournament of the greatest fighters.

During her ascension, she also campaigned for a more liberated, open format to the underground circuit. In its early days, it was invite only. Tylda hated the exclusion, and pushed to have all welcome. She also did not like that the winners had to pay a portion of their earnings to the leader of the circuit who, at the time, was a man known as Lawrence “The Law” Samuelson. She believed a man or woman that bled in the fight was entitled to 100% of the winnings. Tylda preached her anti-establishment rhetoric and gained the support of nearly half the fighters. The other half supported The Law.

This divide eventually came to a head, and the only way to resolve the conflict was for Tylda to face The Law in combat, with the stakes being the winner owned the circuit, while the loser and their supporters were banished.

Samuelson, like Tylda, was also a grand champion. He was a former MMA heavyweight champ, and was also a hyper-human who once took a serum, allowing him to have endless endurance. Tylda was the massive underdog. However, about 10 minutes into the fight as both were bloodied and bruised, Tylda did the impossible by surviving The Law’s infamous rear-naked choke hold. She increased the muscle mass in her neck and thickened the bones as well. He could not get her to tap out, nor could he break her neck, no matter how hard he tried. This allowed Tylda to maneuver her way free and lock in her own choke hold. Tylda made her muscles bigger, which allowed her the strength to crack his spine, leaving him unable to continue the match and granting her the victory.

Everyone looked on in amazement, as she stood to her feet. She was exhausted; her legs were wobbly, blood dripped from her face and she panted heavily. After a moment, The Law’s followers began to exit. But Tylda told them to stay, as all were welcome. She decreed the circuit would be open to all combatants, and everyone would keep 100% of their earnings. She proclaimed that her actions had all been a revolution that was meant to benefit all fighters, and that the day was to be known as their independence day. The crowd erupted in cheers and the Underground League of Fighters (ULF) was born, with Tylda as their leader.

Over the years, Tylda built a certifiable dynasty. With competition being opened to everyone, the League became a wondrous spectacle of combat and entertainment. Hundreds of millions of dollars flowed through it, making both the fighters and Tylda very rich. It was also the pinnacle proving ground. If anyone wanted to be considered a top fighter in the world, they had to compete in the ULF. Tylda had the PCPF and several politicians on the payroll as well. It was not difficult to do so, either, as many of them frequented the ULF events to watch the action. Whether it was the human division, the hyper-being division, tag team combat, weapons combat, or the highly controversial and secret “death tournament” where the phrase “there can only be one” truly applied since every fight was to the death, the participants and people came out in droves. Included amongst them one day just happened to be the the samurai superhero Musashi and his assistant Yoshi, along with the super soldier and US government operative, Lt. Rashard Bonds.

Lou was speechless as they walked through the enormous ULF Arena located below Platinum City’s surface in the abandoned drilling factory sector. He had no idea the ULF was so popular, let alone ran so efficiently and was so well-funded. He felt as if he were at an NFL game. There were fans everywhere of all different backgrounds. Lou even saw King Projects’ royalty, Travis “Blunt” Williams in attendance. Lou asked Musashi if that were indeed the known criminal, and Musashi confirmed it. The soldier said they should move to apprehend Blunt, but the samurai quickly stopped him and said one of the main rules of the ULF was absolutely no one was allowed to be harassed or arrested while in the Arena, regardless of their criminal doings, past or present. Musashi also said they would most likely be mobbed by his fans if they even tried, as Blunt was a beloved former ULF heavyweight hyper-being champion.

Lou couldn’t believe what he was hearing and seeing, but before he could process it all, Yoshi told them their destination was just ahead. The three were there to watch an exhibition match in the rookie tier of the hyper-being division, and the combatant was an Iga Clan member, trained and coached by the Iga team leader and former lightweight hyper-being champion Nana.

The plan was to connect with Nana, who would hopefully grant them access to the Iga Clan supreme leader Danzo. Once they were in Danzo’s presence, they would ask him to join a special squad of superheroes, which was being formed in order to combat a future enemy that had been prophesied would bring great danger to Platinum City and the world at large.

But before that danger would come to fruition, there was potentially a much more immediate problem at hand, as Tylda quickly recognized the subtle but definitive tension growing between the rookie fighter’s coach and the noticeably heroic-looking trio. The Queen of the ULF took a seat nearby as Nana’s protege went to work in her match. She was very eager to see how everything was going to play out…