April 10, 2016


Inez Cassidy was born in New York City, to a Mexican mother and an Irish father. From the time she was very young her talent for dance was very apparent. She was a natural ballerina, and by the time she was 11, she was already performing at some of the most prestigious halls in New York. Schools like Juilliard were recruiting her, and theater companies like Alvin Ailey consistently invited her for auditions. She was definitely on her way to becoming a prima ballerina.


Birth Name

Inez Cassidy




Hyper-human; female

Birth Details

New York, NY, USA, Earth (Core Reality); Late 21st Century

Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Tools

Twinstar has two small stars revolving around her which she uses as powerful weapons. She also has the ability to fly and move at extremely high speeds, and possesses an energy shield around her body that makes her extremely durable, as well as an enhanced anatomy that allows her to survive in harsh and oxygen-deprived environments.

The Story

And her talent wasn’t lost on her, as she did develop a somewhat brash and cocky attitude. She went into every audition expecting to get the part, and tackled every performance with supreme confidence. But although she was a little difficult to be around at times, there was no denying that she put in the work to be as good as she was. Dance consumed her life, but if she were to be perfectly honest, it was the accolades, the status and the applauds, that truly drove her. She enjoyed the idea of being sought after, and she loved seeing her name in lights. At age 14 she had become so popular that people began recognizing her in public, which boosted her ego even more.

It wasn’t long before agents and producers came calling, and she began doing commercials and showing up on TV shows. Her beauty and charisma rivaled her dance skills, and it was becoming more and more clear that the stage wasn’t going to be her only option. She was destined to be a star one way or another. Then one night when she was 16 years old, she awoke to find two balls of light floating above her bed. They were about the size of apples, but they were projecting an incredible amount of heat, which was evident from the fact that several items in her room were melting. Inez herself, however, was not at all affected by the extreme temperatures, and furthermore, when she instinctively raised her hand to shield her eyes from the brightness, the little lights responded to her. She quickly realized that she did indeed have control over them, and later discovered that they were not at all simply balls of light; they were stars!

She had no idea where they had come from, or how in god’s name they came to exist, or how and why she could control them, but what she did discover was that their presence seemed to activate incredible hyper-abilities within her. She learned that she could fly and move at extremely high speeds. Furthermore, her body was coated in some sort of energy based exo-shield, that made her highly durable. On top of all of that, she found that her internal anatomy was also extraordinary, most notably her lungs, which worked in a way that allowed her to exist in oxygen-deprived environments indefinitely. In other words, she could fly in space without a spacesuit!

But of course, none of that compared to the actual power of the two small stars which would literally bend to her will. When resting, they simply floated beside her, but at any given moment she could manipulate them in a near-infinite number of ways. Things got really dangerous when she realized the destructive capabilities of the stars – she was literally holding the potential energy of two exploding suns in her hands.

As you can imagine, life was not the same after the arrival of her two floating friends, and the revelation of her hyper abilities. She quickly became more noted for her stars than she was for being a star, and she was okay with that. In fact, her ambitions totally changed. No longer did she want to be a performer; instead, she was determined to become an intergalactic superhero. And after reading a web article about the adventures of Magnifica, King Ka’Desh and the Diamond Alliance, she decide her destiny would be to join them.

Her parents weren’t too keen on her decision, and at first pleaded with her to remain on Earth and continue the pursuit of a career in show business. But Inez was determined, and soon she had convinced Aiden and Maribel Cassidy to throw their full support behind her. When she was 18, she gave herself the name “Twinstar” and flew out deep into space to track down the Diamond Alliance.

Magnifica didn’t like her brash immaturity, but it was impossible to deny her incredible power. They accepted her on the team, and she became an astute protegé. Twinstar proved to be a quick study, and although her impulsiveness and over-confidence got her into trouble from time to time, she continued to be a valuable member of the Diamond Alliance, up until their final mission together.